The ultimate test

The ultimate quiz of ultimate destiny. It proves if you are just as insane as me. you are only as insane as me if you get a 100 on this test. this could takes years or months.

I'm not sure if thats a good thing so, beware. if you really take this test years or months just to make a 100 you are not crazy. you are just weird. You get a free invisible cookie if you pass. i like cookies.

Created by: tobi is a good boy
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1. why is quiz spelled q-u-i-z?
because it wants to be
pizza rolls
because thats what the fancy pants guys who made english wanted it to be spelled
2. If you were attacked by a hobo named hobo joe, what should u do?
sick bob on him!
use a can of anti-hobo spray to make a forcefeild around yourself
ask a mime to make a force feild for u
do nothing
call the cops
beat up the hobo
3. if spongebob lives in a pineapple under the sea, where does barney the weird purple dinosaur live?
in jail
in a log
in walmart
under a rock
in an eggplant
in a house
4. if u were taking the ultimate test on the 3rd wednesday of january and you were eating a tuna salad, what day would it be if u took the test 7 million years later.
january 39
october 1
friday the 13th
i have no clue
5. why?
beep beep
6. if you were to buy a plasma widescreen tv in pennies how long would it take the employee to count said pennies?
they wouldnt count them, they would smash the pennies on ur head :P K.O.!!
1 hour
3 days straight with no breaks
9 years
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *snore*
7. whats the capital of the atlantic ocean?
the mission impossible theme song
the atlantic ocean doesnt have a capital.....
8. what sound does a car make when it is going at least 7,000 miles per hour over the speed limit?
jaws themesong
it doesnt make any noise cause it speeds into another dimension!
9. moo?
*horse noise* [i dont know what horses sound like :"(]
10. what did you think of this test?
it was so scary im going to go hide for 3 weeks
it was funny
it made me ANGRY!!!
it was waste of my time
it was stupid
[no comment]

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