The Ultimate TPM Trivia Quiz

Are you the TPM Oracle of knowledge? Put you brain to the test to see if you are the ultimate TPM fan! But remember, if you don't know your stuff, then practice will be needed if you want to be a TPM fan!

Only the true fan knows his stuff. Those who don't will end up ashamed to even call themselves a 'fan'. Your knowledge of Turner Productions Movies will be about to be put to the test...

Created by: Turner Productions
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1. What Year did Agent Under Amber get released?
2. The Unsociables marked which TPM Member's first appearance?
Anthony Turner
Owen Turner
Matthew Turner
Malc Turner
3. The Rock 2006 had how many trailers altogether?
4. What is Matthew Turner's catch-phrase in the AM Pubs Series?
"Lovely Jubbly!"
"There's always one!"
"Gordon Bennett!"
"Shut up, you pinhead!"
5. Who was the only TPM Actor in The Rock 2005 to keep the same character in the remake in 2006?
Anthony Turner
Daniel Turner
James Turner
Matthew Turner
6. What is the name of the song that plays on Ed's CD player in The Unsociables, when Matt changes the track?
Candy Shop
Keep on Loving You
Up and Down
7. Which TPM member was not in The Devil Within 2?
Tom Shaw
Ryan Turner
Jen Shaw
Malc Turner
8. In The Unsociables, after knocking out Baz, Matt says "Wait! Maybe we can say its suicide that killed him!" in which Anthony replies with what line?
"Yeah, good idea hommie!"
"Ok! Lets make up a suicide note for him then!"
"Thats a stupid idea, you pin head!
"Yeah, and we can say he decided to repeatedly hit himself to death with a golf club!"
9. Who does Anthony Turner play in Only Fools and Horses?
Del Boy
Uncle Albert
10. How many TPM films were released in 2006?

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