The Solar System

This is a quiz for elementary students on a teacher-created blog. It will be used so that students can gauge what they know and don't know about the solar sytem.

This quiz gauges student's understanding and allows the teacher to see where students are. It will then be used to create the lessons for class and as a guide to work with students.

Created by: Lauren of this site
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1. How many Earths can fit inside the Sun?
1 million
2. A planet is a(n)...
large body that revolves, or travels, around the Earth.
large body that revolves, or travels, around the Sun.
object at the center of the universe.
small chunk of rock that orbits the Sun.
3. The inner planets are called gas giants.
4. Earth is different from all other planets. Why is this?
Earth is a rocky planet.
Earth is an outer planet.
Earth supports life.
Earth has an atmosphere.
5. Choice the wrong statement.
The Sun is the main source of energy for Earth.
The moving plates cause the Earth's surface to keep changing.
Earth's gravity holds the atmosphere close to Earth.
All of the Sun's light coming towards Earth reaches Earth's surface.
6. What is one thing that the gas giants (the outer planets) have in common?
They have no moons.
They have rings.
They have no atmosphere.
They are closer to the Sun than Earth.
7. Pluto is made of gas.
8. Uranus is the only planet to rotate on its side.
9. What is at the center of the Solar System?
The asteroid belt.
The Moon.
The Sun.
10. Why is Earth called the "blue planet?"
There is a lot of rust in the soil.
Gravity pulled in blue objects from the universe.
It has oceans of liquid water.
The sky is blue.

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