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Do you think you think you know stuff about Shadowrocks321? His movies, his characters, dates, and a whole bunch of other stuff? Huh? Do ya? Do ya? ANSWER ME!!!

If so, take this quiz! It will test your knowledge of all things shadowrocks321. So try it! Try it! Try it! Try it! Try it! Try it! Try it! Try it! Try it! Try it!

Created by: Shadow
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1. What year did Nightwing Begins arrive?
I dont know
2. Who was the only villian that didn't die in the first two movies?
Mr. Freeze
3. Who are the villians in Nightwing Begins?
Ras al Ghul, Joker, Mr. freeze, Penguin, Two-face, and Scarecrow
Mr. freeze, Penguin
Joker, Scarecrow
None of the above
4. If Batman was without Robin, who would sit in his extra seat in the tumbler?
Indiana Jones
Robin. He would beg him to come back
Who Cares?!? He could just put slushies there!
5. Let's say Robin and Batman are driving in the tumbler when it runs out of gas. What do they do?
Make Robin go to the gas station and buy gas
Wave to passing cars for them to stop and get them gas
Throw Robin infront of a car so it will stop to give them gas
Dress Robin in a ridiculous out fit so people will notice him and give them gas
6. What is Robin's real name?
Dick Grayson
Grayson Dick
Nightwing Cazamalakoo
Who cares?
7. Can Robin fly?
Yes, He is a Robin, and they fly.
No, Batman threw him from the top of a building and he didn't fly.
Yes, he can use his cape, like Batman
No, he doesn't have enough money to buy a cape like Batman's because he won't give him any money
8. How many Bat-suits does Batman have?
Who knows? He's too lazy to count them.
9. How much pay does Robin get in a week?
$0.00 Batman doesn't pay him.
10. What is Robin's viechle?
The Robin-mobile
Nothing, Batman won't give him one
His scuba jet
A rusty old go-cart. Goes 0.0004 MPH maximum. Get's 0.0004 miles per gallon, so every hour Robin has to buy gas

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