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Jazzypoo said:
Mar 15 '16, 12:55PM

Wrong I'm not sad.........but I do have to pee

Jazzy298 said:
Jan 1 '16, 3:31AM

And I'm not kiddin don't come around me if ura nerd/geek I don't know or want to know wtf your terminology is so leave me ALONE don't come near me!

Jazzy298 said:
Jan 1 '16, 3:27AM

Hey I know what the RPG rocket launcher is! Can I blow you up u sound like a nerd/geek.

doglovergirl said:
Dec 13 '15, 11:00AM

9%sad ya awsome cool fun true
1. say your name
2. do your chores
3.ha ... JK don't do this

persephone329 said:
Aug 9 '15, 6:05AM

20% sad, but the writer is the truly sad one. They're the one that knows all that geek terminology and nerdy acronyms.

Ange Kaperonis said:
Apr 5 '15, 7:34PM

I'm 40 percent, I do socks with sandels I don't like showing my toes in flip flops! And I have computer issues all the time, and yes I do love a guy called Mario Rossi, can't help it it's rather sad but that's love. Angela Kaperonis x

Tess Gillett said:
Oct 7 '14, 12:16PM

44% sad....i am definately more than that....

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