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I went to a lot of trouble to write this quiz and you people better apppreciate it. Lots of rejected words and minimum 100 character fields, like this one, forcing low level droning. PLease skip to the stupid quiz already.

Do YOU have time to waste on useless trivia? Are YOU too busy to check email more than twice a week when you are retired? Do you practice armchair dentistry with your Dremel? If so you just may be interested in the Who trivia quiz.

Created by: Stu Johnson
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1. Name that artist: Who Let the Dogs Out
New Kids on the Block
Gordon Lightfoot
The Baja Men
The Who
Mott the Hoople
2. What did Horton Hear?
A Hoo
A Who
A What
A rumour
His wife--all day long
3. Name the Artist: Who Made Who
4. What, now deceased, rapper sang "Guess Who's Back" on his "Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z CD?
Ol Dirty Bastard
Notorious B.I.G.
2 Pac
6 Pac
Big Pun
5. What country singer had hits with "Who I am" and "Who's Cheatin' Who"?
Tito Jackson
Joe Jackson
Alan Jackson
Jack Johnson
Action Jackson
6. Where did Cindilou live?
With her mother
In a van down by the river
7. What position does Who play?
Left field
First base
Left out
8. What did Northwestern fans chant to Bobby Knight, in 1999, to make him so upset?
Who's your mamma?
Who's your daddy?
Why can't you get out of the first round of the NCAA tournament?
Who's losing?
Nice sweater!
9. What part of The United Nations helps fight disease around the globe?
The Salvation Army
World Health Organization
10. Which two former members of The Who are dead?
Roger Daltry and Keith Moon
John Entwistle and Keith Moon
Pete Townshend and Keith Moon
Pete Best and Keith Moon
2 Pac and Keith Moon
11. Who sang Who's Zoomin' Who?
Aretha Franklin
Urethra Franklin
Deloris Franklin
Mulva Franklin
Ben Franklin
12. Who is coming to Labor Day in Orland this year?
Jimmy Hoffa
Amelia Earhart
The Lindbergh baby
Glen Miller
The Danner

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