The Mysteryous Norwegian Language Quiz!

This is an easy quiz for people who want to discover the Norwegian language! A few words and expressions can be helpful in Oslo even if everyone speaks English here!

Norwegian can be difficult to understand, but a few words and expressions can help you charming your way in Oslo even if every Norwegian speaks fluent English! Try this quiz!

Created by: VisitOSLO of VisitOSLO
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1. How do you say Thank You in Norwegian?
Vielen Dank
2. What does "Ostehøvel" means?
Wine bottle opener
Cheese slicer
3. What does a Norwegian mean when he/she says: "To pils, takk!"
Two beers, please!
Thank you for your help!
Marry me!
4. "Det var koselig!" means...
It's a joke!
It was nice!
It was horrible!
5. What does a Norwegian eat when he/she eats "pølse i lompe"?
an hot dog!
a kebab
a fish burger
6. "Sinnataggen" is a statue by Gustav Vigeland that can be seen at the Vigelandparken in Oslo. What does "Sinnataggen" mean?
Angry Boy
Fat Child
Poor Baby
7. What do you get when you order a Lutefisk in Norway?
A whale soup
A reindeer steak
A traditional dish made from stockfish (air-dried whitefish) or dried/salted whitefish (klippfisk) and soda lye (lut)
8. When is Lille Julaften in Norway?
December 23
May 17
December 31
9. "Ha det bra!" means...
I lost my bra!
Get lost!
Bye Bye!
10. "Jeg elsker Oslo!" means...
I Live in Oslo!
I Love Oslo!
I Like Oslo!

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