Uijt uftu jt gps zpv [De-cypher]

Language is a complex subject that many have dedicated years to mastering. Anyone can read a sentence, but can a five year old describe the importance of Marc Antony's Soliloquy in Shakespeare's Caesar? Probably Not, but that would be something.

This test does not necessarily focus on the grammatical side of language, but rather the cyphering of words to disguise a message. I would not recommend this quiz unless you have a few hours to devote to it and an unwavering patience to guide you through (a cray supercomputer would help).

Created by: TheMotorShallRule
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Jn bttvnjoh uibu zpv efdzqifsfe nz ujumf. Ipx fbtjmz ejd zpv gjhvsf uijt pvu?
fyusfnfmz fbtz
opu uibu ejggjdvmu
gbjsmz ejggjdvmu
fyusfnfmz ejggjdvmy
Uhhh... What???
4. Cbtfe po uif mbtu rvftujpo, efdzqifs: H Itrs vdms sgf nsgdq vzx
J hpu mptu boe epou lopx
Hs vzr dzyx
Still Lost!!!!!
5. Fnnc ina, xntud ehfnqdc nts nmd ne sgd dzhdrs bncdr bqdzsdc! ugjr pmfr b kjusmd izscfq
czmf gs
onu z qqpamdn
Now I'm Lost
Im Still Lost
Does this test mean anything?
6. Xnx, xptwd hnusfm ugjr gzs! xpt nvru fhugfq cd cnsde ns bm bmbkzts! gsrh hmv rh z ivzoob low xlwv
wrn rvnlr r ndfoi
j sshfc ctu ebhmde
vzab zh krv
I'm Lost
This Quiz sucks!!!
7. blfiv hgroo slowrmt hgilmt. vz znxvat vg rnfvre naq rnfvre!
dsvm rm wlfyg xsllhv x
znv ljfis br xdmk fjuf tq
lrnu ab xvqqvat
Only Four More, Only Four More!
8. jbj, lbh fghpx jvgu zr! ubj oberq ner lbh? vjku ycu yca vqq gcqa!
aqw uckf kv
njj pehq
Just Kill Me Now!
9. mggr qp iqkpi! rpgq mlc qfmsjb zc qgknjc.
shioui hv iuohoi
vgfkwu, jwj
rmm cyqw
Definitely Lost
10. aylr qrmn, fsf? ztz vtx fmj btti!
Gk qrskncb
ocfsq vtx
wec wogv bjri
Im out
Just blow this test up!!!!
11. D itso ocdsp s hfs notk vtx. ompijisv qpk
Lkbss dpbqd
kdhp fsnzjm ocmjj
nqoiv e nwprn
Lost as usual
12. We're At the End. What did you think of my test?
Way Too Easy
Not Difficult
This test belongs in Davy Jones' Locker!!!

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