The Minecraft Know-It-All

Minecraft has been out for a long time now. If you ask someone on the street what Minecraft is, chances are they do know what Minecraft is. This is one example of Minecraft's huge popularity.

Do you know everything about Minecraft? Well, take this quiz to find out. Chances are that you don't know EVERYTHING about Minecraft, but if you score well on this test, you probably are devoted. (AND NO CHEATING!)

Created by: manski1000
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1. How many types of saplings are there?
2. What do sand and gravel have in common?
They are both affected by gravity
They both have relatively the same texture
They both can only be mined with a shovel
They both are used commonly in crafting recipes
3. True or False? A gold pickaxe has more uses than a wooden pickaxe.
4. Which type of tool is proved to be the best enchanted?
5. Order the following in order from the least fuel in a furnace to the most fuel in a furnace; Lava, Coal, Blaze Rod
Coal, Lava, Blaze Rod
Coal, Blaze Rod, Lava
Blaze Rod, Coal, Lava
Blaze Rod, Lava, Coal
Lava, Blaze Rod, Coal
Lava, Coal, Blaze Rod
6. What does infinity do on a bow?
The usage bar does not go down
The amount of damage you can deal can be infinite
The arrow can travel faster than a normal arrow
The bow can use one arrow over and over again
7. How much area does a chunk take up?
9x9 blocks
12x12 blocks
16x16 blocks
25x25 blocks
8. True or False? You can deal critical hits by falling through a cobweb.
9. How is emeralds different from the other ores?
It can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe
It has the highest blast resistance
It is used in the most crafting recipes
It can only be found in one biome
10. Approximately how long does it take to mine obsidian?
5 sec
10 sec
15 sec
25 sec
11. Approximately how long is a day in Minecraft?
10 min
15 min
20 min
25 min
12. Which enchantment helps to mine obsidian faster?
Silk Touch
13. What does redstone do in brewing?
Makes the affects stronger
Lengthens the affects
Makes the potion throwable
Reverses the affects
14. Which crafting recipe requires smoothstone?
Redstone Repeater
Brewing Stand
15. What happens if you smelt sand in a furnace?
You get nothing
You get glass
You get smooth sandstone
You get sandstone
You can't do that

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