The Magical Forest: Pt 1

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okayy dokyy this is about a girl named helen miller whom telles aboutt her lifee throughout a magical forest ( pt. 1 ) so now im jusst going two fills up the rest of theis paragraph .

okay... read that first paragraph so youu know everything . ohhhh and i may not make pt. 2 only if this quiz gets at least 65 views taken . okay thanks, buhh byee !

Created by: D3signnFreAkk
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3. The narrator of the story is Helen Miller ( main character ) . She tells her life story throughout the magical forest .
Okay .
4. I was 23 years old, I had beautiful, long brown hair with glowing brown eyes . My name is Helen Miller and this is my life story .
Okay .
5. I remember the day we were supposed to get married . I had on my gorgeous, new ,white, laced dress and Brad wore his tux from his graduation a few years back . We were walking to the beautiful beach in California where we were going to have our wedding . We did'nt expect it but a young man with a mask on came out from the woods aside the path we were walking . Brad got a nice punch in the face and I got carried away into the forest by that muscular man . He removed his masked, I realized that was him . My boyfriend before Brad . His name was Dylan and man he was mad when I left him for Brad . He grabbed his pocket knife from his back pocket and stabbed me in the heart . There was a strong drift of wind circling around me, rising me into the air . It was like magic . I was healed . But as I stood on the ground that I had been stabbed on, everything seems, different . It was like I was in a different dimension . There seemed to be nobody there, no noise to be heard, was I lost ?
Wooooow !
6. " There is a outhouse down that yellow brick road . You can stay there if you'd like . " slithered a snake . " Ahh ! What, Am i in the Wizard Of Oz now ? " I yelled, walking down the yellow brick road . On the way i meet a girl by the name of Marthy . We hung out for a couple of hours then she introduced me to her brother, Jack . He reminded me of Brad . I told them what happened, how I got here, and about Brad . They told me that I was in a different universe, a magical place where your dreams come true . The day got longer and darker so Jack and Martha allowed me to stay out their outhouse for the night . When I woke I noticed a long, puffy, pink dress upon me . Martha began to braid my long, beautiful, golden hair . Did she dye my hair when I was fastened asleep ? I asked what had happened, she told me that every mortal's ( human ) dreams really do come true here . She asked what did I dream of last night, I replied " Being Reputsle . " I was told by Jack that all dreams will stay true unless you dream your way out .
Ok .
Cool !
7. " Come on Helen, dont you want to leave this place ? Dont you want to be back home, where you belong ? " asked Martha . " Yes ! " I Said . She told me to dream us into the magical queens castle , It did'nt work . So we had to walk there- which took about an hour . We encountered a goblin on the path we were walking, I dreamed our way out of the situation . When we arrived at the magical queens castle, I begged her to flash me back to earth . She said that they saved me from a harsh death and she wont let me leave for she gave me a favor and I should give one back . She also said to me : " Stay here forever Helen, Your life will be wonderful, You'll be happier then ever before . " I tried to explain that I had a life to get back to but she just wouldn't listen .
Yupp, Yupp .
8. I cried for days and days, hoping Brad would come and save me . " I doubt he would ever even discover this magical place anyways . " I thought to myself . I missed my family, friends, and most importantly my boo ( Brad ) . I just wanted to go, But they wouldn't let me, And there is no way to escape this place . I remember Jack saying everything would be okay, that I could start a new life here . But thats not what I wanted . They tried to convince me to cheer up, I did, for that little while . When I well asleep that day, I dreamed of Marthy, Jack, And I going to a birthday party . Surely, We did . I knew that one was coming ! The days go on and on and it turned out I owned a purple pony named Noodles, Marthy, Jack, and I lived in a castle, I had a personal maid and much, much, more .
Boringgg !
9. Weeks have pasts and my life is completely different . I dont even know myself anymore ! It's like i am another person, and I could almost say that I actually started to like being there . I totally forgot about my life on earth , I hoped they are still lookong for me back there . I wrote Brad a letter . Here it was: Dear Brad, I live in some magical universe were all of your dreams come true - literally ! It is hard for me to sleep every night, Im always thinking of you . Tell everyone back home I love them, but I will never be able to dome back to earth. Sorry, Rules are rules. I hope you got this message . - Love, Helen .
Kayy .
Coooool !
10. Okay guys this is the end of " The Magical Forest: Pt 1 " . Hope You liked ! I will only make pt 2 if I get at least 65 views .
Awwww !
Finally !
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