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Take the elite test for KDF!!!!!!!!! Um, yeah, do that....... Ok, you can take the test now... I said NOW!! >: ( lol SOrry, just filling up space, I need over 150 letters to fill it all...

Do YOU have what it takes to be a KDF ELITE TROOP? Find out today by taking the test! Yeah! That's what you should do alright! Yep yep! You should take it now! :D

Created by: Kirbydavy of Kirbydavy Blog
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1. What is the KDF icon?
A Shyguy's mask.
A Star.
A big red K
2. What is a KDF bomb?
Saying KD KD KD KD KD KD KD over and over.
Saying the Sun Emote over and over.
Throwing Bombs with a big K on 'em (I wish)
3. Who was the first KDF member? (Besides Kirbydavy)
4. What does KDF do more, Troop Lines or Troop Circles?
5. Which of these ISN'T a KDF ally?
Ice Warriors
Cp Clones
Coffee Cup Army
6. What is KDF's goal?
To destroy CP!!
To JUST make peace.
To make a pure fun army that doesn't take things WAAAY TOO seriously like ACP n00bs and other armies and blah blah blah.
7. What army did KDF defeat first?
8. What is the biggest army of all?
Ice Warriors
9. Who was the first commander?
10. Which flag is the KDF flag?
The China Flag
The Japen Flag
The England Flag

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