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  • Actually, YOU got one wrong. No. 6: 60 minutes! You take one now, one in half an hour and one in an hour! 60 minutes! Therefore I got all of them right and I am an 11 year old genius. My IQ is about 150/160. I'm nearly as smart as Einstein so DON'T say I'm wrong.

    malorygirl Mar 24 '16, 10:48AM
  • I'm above average. Not below. 64% is ABOVE. If it was below it would be below 50%. I am 11. Yay! I am smart. Btw, ppl at the comments below these, THE ANSWER TO QUESTION 2 IS NOT 4100 IDIOTS! IT'S 5000 IT'S SO OBVIOUS! Btw I can tell that mostly answer at the top is the right one

    User Feb 11 '16, 1:42AM
  • Several of your questions can be interpreted differently and can lead to more than one answer. Not a good quize at all!

    Vaders Jan 30 '16, 8:33PM
  • Take 1000 and add 40 to it. Now add another 1000. Now add 30. Add another 1000. Now add 20. Now add another 1000. Now add 10. What is the total? 4100 moron.

    Pills last one hour.

    You were on the ark being used as the anchor. You are so dense you would sink to the bottom of the dead sea.

    wjwalker Nov 18 '15, 7:11AM
  • number 2 is wrong. The right answer is 4100. DUH

    fox3614 Nov 2 '15, 8:15PM
  • Also, the answer for question 2 is 4100. But there's no such option.

    Nicknash Oct 29 '15, 7:10AM
  • This quiz is so idiotic. If a doctor asks a patient to take 3 pills every half an hour the pill will last for only 60 minutes not 90 minutes. He will take a pill now then after 30 minutes another and after another 30 minutes another one. Thus, 3 pills lasting for 1 hour.

    Nicknash Oct 29 '15, 7:09AM

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