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Fearless1111 said:
Jun 16 '12, 7:43PM

Haha it took me forever to get a 100 % on this quiz!!! I got in the 50 percent markings on my first try :S tricky tricky quiz :D Awesome

ZombiRulz said:
Jun 16 '12, 7:31PM

45% SMART?!?!?!?! YOU CAN SEE ME IN HELL, MORON!!! *Points a gun at you*

BillyBobJoe said:
Jun 16 '12, 1:55PM

AmazingAuthor, that's a tricky question...

AmazingAuthor said:
Jun 16 '12, 12:39PM

I got 73%!!! This was so easy yet hard. For the name question. It said: Nina's father has five kids. Nana, Nene, Nini, Nono. What is the name of the fith child... It said. Nina's father..

bobbean said:
Jun 16 '12, 9:03AM

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Vira Dash said:
Jun 16 '12, 6:26AM

That calculation question is indeed wrong. I'm very sorry for that. The correct answer is definitely 4100. That's the only question with an error. All the other questions are correct. Please understand the questions first because this quiz tests your sense of logic. Thanks for your comments.

Veronica_Lloyd said:
Jun 16 '12, 5:59AM

The numbers thing was wrong, wouldnt it be 4100? And Im pretty sure the name thing was wrong also, because it was going with the vowels a then e then i then o wouldnt the next name be Nunu because the next vowel is u? But I dont know I didnt really this, Ive taken an IQ test and I got a 124 which is above average and Im 13 so.... Yeah but whatever It was easy though, but I got some wrong because of the answer choices and I think that not many people would not know the law in Canada for marraige......

XxSophiacxX said:
Jun 16 '12, 5:29AM

oh the last question was me... i accidentally used her account again...

KHRfan6303 said:
Jun 16 '12, 5:23AM

ohhhhhhhh! i get it! its really about understanding... would you want to let me tell them why theyre wrong? or you want to do it? or let them figure out by themselves?

guys recheck your answers! you will get it!

Viktor said:
Jun 16 '12, 3:56AM

Didn't like it.How am I supposed to know wtf rule is in canada? Some of the questions did not make sense,really.

TheKat24meow said:
Jun 16 '12, 2:48AM

Your an Idiot

des4life said:
Jun 16 '12, 1:47AM

i got 18% i do not c how this is possible but watever

78709554 said:
Jun 16 '12, 12:38AM

The with adding numbers is wrong. The total is clearly 4100.

ilovepeeta said:
Jun 15 '12, 8:46PM

OK, this quiz is bogus. Afterwards, I subtracted 25 from 60 on my calculator, and got 35! what's with that? Also, birthdays are the day that we celebrate the anniversary of our birth, not the actual birth itself.

skatterbrain said:
May 29 '12, 12:36PM

36% :) cool quiz i had fun

Magicala said:
May 28 '12, 12:53PM

100%. easy!

awesome89 said:
May 28 '12, 8:47AM

I got 100%. Easy quiz.

Fire_Fairy said:
May 28 '12, 8:14AM

hahaha i went back to the quiz and retook it 100% it was very tricky!!!!

Fire_Fairy said:
May 28 '12, 8:09AM

73% not bad

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