The How Emo Are You Quiz based on The Emo Song

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xxvipersixx said:
Mar 4 '18, 10:42AM

I love theses quizzese

xxvipersixx said:
Mar 4 '18, 10:41AM

i love theses quizzes

KhiraKhaos said:
Apr 27 '16, 4:56PM

A wee bit emo. Dammit failed punk

gothicsuzanna said:
Mar 23 '16, 12:03PM

91 percent too emo for your face lets go eat tacos and i agree with you mistreatedmisfit people dont understand just bcause i wear black doesnt mean im gothic ill admit it im emo ive been bullied all my life by my family for it ive been abused by my grandma my mom left me and never came back but i still try to smile i like colors people will never understand thi quiz was sterotypical bulls---

Demigod123 said:
Feb 27 '16, 10:42PM

i too emo for my face cool right yeah

Brikray1 said:
Jan 17 '16, 10:13PM

Yeah there is nothing moderate about me. and I'm not trying to be hardcore that's just the way I am. I appreciate your opinion but just because someone is emo does not necessarily mean they cut themselves I sure as hell don't. So please watch what you say because you obviously don't have even an inkling of what your talking about.

MyChemicalBrenod said:
Jan 11 '16, 6:20PM

I'm misunderstood but this isn't funny not all emos write suicide notes and being emo is nothing to be ashamed of better than being like everyone else who wears practically underwear in public and listens to terrible music about things like how your bf gf broke up with you or ur gonna go party

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