The How Emo Are You Quiz based on The Emo Song

This is yet another emo quiz..I know I know, aren't you sick of them? But wait! This is not simply an emo quiz! It is THE emo quiz! Based on the famous emo song!!!! That thing was funny, hehe. Did you think it was funny? Or were you insulted?? If you were may be emo. That's bad. so you should definitely take this quiz to see if you are.

This is and forever will be the finest and most accurate emo quiz you ever will take. It has been in the making for many years and has been scientifically proven to calculate a persons true emoness...they say there's a little emo in all of us. Is this true?? Or can you prove to be an emo-free zone? Take the quiz and find out! (gosh I hope you didn't just believe that this quiz is just made by a bunch of randoms who thought the emo song was funny haha)any way have fun and I love you.

Created by: moshing black jellybean
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you have black hair with a side parting over one eye? no thanks
yeah and its got red in it too
my hair is dyed black
my hair is black but its natural
my hair's not black but I've got the side parting
4. Do you like Panic!at the disco/my chemical romance/funeral for a friend/hawthorne heights?
yeah! man i have ALL their albums. i bleed black when i listen to them too
nah. don't listen to that kind of music
meh. i listen to these bands but just cuz I like the music..I'm not heavily into that genre
yeah those are the kind of bands I listen to but you missed out heaps of other good ones
5. Do jump around when you go to shows?
yeah! man! I go only to mosh! I stand there and cry. nothing else will do
meh. I dunno
6. Do you have a diary? Is it your best friend?
I have a diary but its just like..what happened that day, blah blah
I keep a diary and I record all my emotions in it..sometimes I read back over it and cry
diary?? what for??
my I feel like its the only one who gets me. no one else understands. It's definitely my best friend
7. Do you hate your parents?
nah they're ok
sometimes a when they won't let me go to parties
yeah I hate them..they make my life miserable!!!
my parents just don't get me..they think I'm like weird but I'm just trying to express myself. I hate them so much
8. Do you regularly wear thick black eyeliner?
yep and I'm a guy
yep and I'm a girl
no I don't
yeah sure sometimes if it goes with my look that day
always. I wouldn't be seen without it
yeah and I also have red underneath to match my bloodshot eyes and lines going down my teartracks
9. Have you kissed a member of the same sex more than once?
I'm gay..of course
no? why?
yeah but they were dares
of course I love to experiment with my sexuality
of front of other people so they can see how strange and messed up I am
10. Do you see yourself as a non conformist?
yeah but not in like a poserish way
of course! conformity is like my personal hell!
conformity is the disease. rebellion is the cure
meh. I'm just so indifferent
11. Do you regularly have black painted fingernails?
a lot of the time
yeah..but not in an emo way! jeez! i just like the colour!
sometimes if I think the occasion is right
12. Are you dark and sensitive, and have low self esteem?
that describes me pretty well..nobody knows how hard my life is
of course I am, and so are all my friends
no I'm not. I have my struggles but don't we all?
I have low self esteem but..dark and sensitive?? what the hell??
13. Have you ever written a suicide note?
hell no! why??
oh once maybe but its not like it came out of my diary..I was having a bad day
I've written heaps..every time I feel depressed I write a new one. The final one will be so dramatic
I write them all the time and sometimes show my family and friends..they're gonna be so sorry when I actually do it
14. Do you hate your life?
nah. could be better but its ok
I love life!
I hate it. I'm so depressed
I have actual problems unlike these emos so I hate it a bit
yes and thats why I'm going to end soon as I've written the perfect suicide note. you'll be sorry
15. Do you regularly wear too-small clothing? (bonus points if they're your little sister's)
I wear it sometimes
yeah! I wear all black and all skintight!
no I do not
ew why would i wanna look like an emo?
my little sister's jeans look great on me
16. Do you prefer old school nintendo to xbox?
17. What did you think of the emo song?
haven't seen it..but I want you to give me the link!
hehe it was funny!!!!!!!!!
I was a little insulted
I didn't think it was funny
I was so upset..I cried myself to sleep for a week after I saw it
haven't seen it and don't want to

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