The Existential Quiz

Most people think Existentialism is the dark side of philosophy. Existentialists are dismissed as depressed, dark, cynical thinkers that have no coherent set of values or philosophical thought. Au contraire my friends. Existentialism is as complex as any philosophy. Actually we all have a little existentialist inside of us. Which one are?

Are you a free thinker? Do you know the meaning of life? Are you just a meaningless speck floating in an empty universe that doesn't care about you? Well take the first ever EXISTENTIALIST QUIZ to find out!

Created by: Mario
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You see a dog being badly beaten by his/her owner as you are taken a stroll around the city. You
Keep walking. You can't make a difference.
Politely ask the owner to stop.
Pray for the dog's well being
Demand for the owner to stop beating the dog
4. You and your friend get a flat tire in front of a tire store at 2am. He doesn't have a spare tire and there are plenty of tires for you to choose from at the store. You
Don't think twice and take the right size!
Pray for God to tell you what to do.
Tell your friend, "O well. Thats life"
Take the tire and leave some money under the door.
5. You ask your friend to lend you ten bucks for lunch because you forgot your lunch at home. You go to subway and pull out the bill only to realize that it is a 100 dollar bill! You
Buy your food and keep the change. It's not your fault he is a dumb ass
You buy your food and give him back the change when you return
Run back and let him know about his mistake
Buy your food and put the rest in the tip jar. What is money anyways?
6. What is the meaning of life?
Whatever you make it to be
There is no meaning
To find your own pathway towards God
There is only meaning in the choices you make
7. Someone is pointing a gun to your head. What are you thinking about?
God. He will decide the correct ending for me and I will accept it.
O well.
Your life flashes before your eyes and all you see are the choices you have made.
How can I break this f---ers arm without getting shot?
8. What is love?
Having a close relationship with God
There is no such thing as love
Love is a choice you make
Love is the act of trying to take someone's freewill
9. Of these four books, which is your favorite?
The Stranger
The Underground Man
The Bible
Zathura Speaks
10. What is morality?
Whatever you think is right and wrong, as long as you are consistent
There is no such thing as morality
Whatever God deems as being moral regardless of what you think
Depends on the situation
11. Which character do you most closely identify with in the Ocean's 11 franchise? (It is relevant trust me)
Danny Ocean (George Clooney)
Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt)
Linus Caldwell (Matt Damon)
Frank Catton (Bernie Mac)
12. How do you feel about your parents?
They made me I guess
I love them unconditionally
They serve their purpose in my life goal
They are just kind of there

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