French New Wave Film Quiz 1

Are you a French New Wave Film Auteur? Or just a French New Wave Film Amateur? Test your skills and your smarts in the first of our trivia quizzes about the Nouvelle Vague.

Ten questions, at the ready. So get your cigarettes, your fedora, and a bit of existential angst. It's time to separate the French New Wave Friend from the French New Wave Faux...

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3. What is the name of the magazine that at least three new wave film directors wrote for before becoming full fledged auteurs?
Le Monde
Cahiers du Cinéma
l'Officiel des Spectacles
4. Who wrote the original story for the film "A Bout De Souffle"?
5. What is widely considered the first French New Wave film to be produced?
A Bout De Souffle
Belle de jour
Et Dieu...Crea La Femme
Le Beau Serge
6. Which Godard film was banned because it was inspired by events of the Algerian civil war, then a controversial topic?
Le Petit Soldat
La Femme Nikita
Bande A Part
Les Cousins
7. Name the French singer who starred in Tirez Sur Le Pianiste?
Johnny Hallyday
Edith Piaf
Charles Aznavour
Serge Gainsbourg
8. Who directed "Lola"?
Eric Rohmer
Jacques Demy
Jacques Rivette
Vincente Minnelli
9. What is the name of the legendary director who makes a cameo in "Les Mepris"?
Alfred Hitchcock
Frank Capra
DW Griffith
Fritz Lang
10. Complete the Eric Rohmer's 1969 film title: "My Night With _______"
11. Who was the female star of Claude Chabrol's "Le Femme Infidele"?
Stephane Audran
Claudette Colbert
Jeanne Moreau
Catherine Deneuve
12. Who said the famous line: "All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun."
Francois Truffaut
Jean Luc Godard
Alfred Hitchcock
Louis Malle

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