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EmilyisaWoodElf said:
Nov 8 '14, 12:13PM

WRONG. It said I have a ruler shape. I have an hourglass figure

treEeEeEs said:
Aug 19 '14, 5:10AM

Erm what if your paternal/maternal grandmothers are from Australia/UK?? and what the hell is Prison Break?

Faithjones said:
Jun 6 '14, 8:58PM

Im 13 and have a hour glass figure 34-24-38

AyeeJayyWassup said:
Jan 8 '14, 8:31PM

Hourglass :) Accurate, and its all good with me :]

GraceyCat said:
Oct 30 '13, 12:44AM

I got fishtale or fan shape lol

MiSs_CrImInAl said:
Jul 2 '13, 8:53PM

I am an hourglass, 44"-29"-41". I'm a little insulted you didn't include larger measurements. And what the heck does prison break have to do with this?

AlwaysMasked said:
Apr 1 '13, 6:17PM

Not accurate at all. I'm ruler shaped, not hourglass shaped.

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