the american dad challenge updated

Are you the ultimate American Dad fan and quiz taker? Well then go right ahead and take the test! If you truly know some difficult American Dad fan, then you will do great!

Are you going to score 100 percent? This is a moderate to strenuous quiz depending on your American Dad knowledge. But, if you score great then you will be proud of yourself!

Created by: steven swazex
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. Who voices Jon in The Ad-ventures in Hayleysitting?
Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Day
Charlie Brown
Charles Shaw
4. Who are Steve's friends?
Snot, Barry and Jeff
Snot, Barry and Toshi
Snot, Jim James and Barry Bonds
5. What episode features Duper's first appearance?
Roger Codger
Home Adrone
Less Money Mo' Problems
Spring Breakup
The one that Got Away
6. In the episode Flirting With Disaster what show introduction does American Dad rip off of?
Parks and Recreation
Mike & Molly
The Office
7. What episode of American Dad aired on September 30th, 2012?
Killer Vacation
Can I Be Frank With You?
Love, American Dad style
American Stepdad
8. What episode of American Dad featured Steve going to the zoo to see gorillas?
Gorillas in the Mist
You Debt Your Life
The People vs. Martin Sugar
I Am the Walrus
Fartbreak Hotel
Homeland Insecurity
9. What episode features roger dressing up as Kevin Bacon?
Lincoln Lover
Joint Custody
Stan of Aribia Part 1
Four Little Words
Stan of Arabia Part 2
Threat Levels
10. In It's Good to Be the Queen Stan kills who?
Saunder's double
Jackson's double
Bill (Stan's double)
11. Roger is found wearing a rastafarian hat in what episode?
Francine's Flashback
Stan Knows Best
Tears of a clooney
Rough Trade
Son of Stan (Part 2)
Old Stan in the Mountain
12. What band is Stan obsessed with in My Morning Straightjacket
The Trashmen
My Morning Jacket
The Doors
13. Stan is scared of...
Old television shows
14. Stan is voiced by...
Seth Rogen
Seth Green
Seth Macfarlane
Seth Meyers
15. What year did the pilot episode of American Dad air?
16. Stan Works with...
17. Forest Whitaker voices...
The Chimdale prision warden
Bill Publisherman
Dr. Penguin
18. How many episodes total are in season 1?
19. In the ending of what episode does roger say "I can't stop!"
Ricky Spanish
Wheels & The Legman: The Case of Grandpa's Key
Adventures in Hayleysitting
Family Affair
Stan's Best Friend
Every Which Way But Lose
20. American Dad or Family Guy?
American Dad
Family Guy
They're the same thing

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