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Well, trivia is or are unimportant (or "trivial") items, especially of information. Usually these are unimportant facts that everybody has stored somewhere at the back of the brain and are useful simply in conversation or in games such has triva contests or pub quizzes.

Are YOU a Bollywood movie freak? Well, freak or not you will find out in just a minute by taking this quiz. Try this 'fun, entertaining like the Bollywood movie' quiz and see how well you know about Bollywood movie!

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1. What are John Abraham and Akshay Kumar's professions in Garam Masala?
2. Who, apart from Aamir Khan, wants to marry Preity Zinta in Dil Chahta Hai?
Imran Khan
Ayub Khan
Shah Rukh Khan
Saif Ali Khan
Salman Khan
3. What is Shah Rukh's mantra to woo a girl in Kal Ho Naa Ho?
Saat din ladki in
Ek din ladki in
Che din ladki in
Do din ladki in
Tin din ladki in
4. The name of Kajol's character in Sohail Khan's Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya was...?
5. In Kal Ho Naa Ho, whom does Shah Rukh pretend to be married to?
Delnaz Paul
Simone Singh
Sonali Bendre
Preity Zinta
6. Who are the lead actors in Vivah?
Shahrukh and Rani Mukherjee
Shahid Kapur and Amrita Rao
John Abraham and Bipasha Basu
Sanjay Dutt and Aishwarya Rai
Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai
7. "Mangal Pandey", "Rang De Basanti" and "Fanaa" were comeback movies for which of the following actors?
Saif Ali Khan
Kunal Khemu
Abhishek Bachchan
Amir Khan
Salman Khan
8. Which of the following actors appeared in the comedies "Munnabhai MBBS", "Anthony Kaun Hai", "Lage Raho Munnabhai" and "Golmaal"?
Boman Irani
Arshad Warsi
Sanjay Dutt
Jimmy Shergill
Ajay Devgan
9. The movies "Hum Tum", "Parineeta", "Salaam Namaste", "Being Cyrus", "Omkara" and "Eklavya" proved that this star had "come of age". Which one of the following was this star?
Vidya Balan
Raima Sen
Saif Ali Khan
Sanjay Dutt
Preity Zinta
10. "Kaal", "Zinda", "Taxi No 9211", "Dhoom" and "Kabul Express" were films where a love story was not the main plot. Which of the following actors or actresses appeared in all these five films?
Arshad Warsi
John Abraham
Nana Patekar
Hrithik Roshan
Farhan Akter
11. "Baazigar", "Gupt", "Dushman" and "Fanaa" were all thrillers. Which of the following actors or actresses appeared in these four films?
Bobby Deol
Shahrukh Khan
Sanjay Dutt
Shilpa Shetty
12. The films "Saajan", "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam", "Kuch Kuch Hota Hain", "Mujshe Shaadi Karogi" and "Jaan-e-man" were all love triangles. Which of the following actors or actresses appeared in these five films?
Akshay Kumar
Priyanka Chopra
Madhuri Dixit
Salman Khan
13. In the Bollywood movie Black, Amitabh Bachchan suffers from...
Parkinson's Diseases
Alzheimer's Disease
14. In the movie "Dhoom 2" (sequel to the blockbuster "Dhoom") which Disney movie are Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai watching when it is revealed that Aishwarya is Abhishek's informer?
Shark Tale
15. The soundtrack of “Maine Pyaar Kiya” (1989) was a huge hit. The tune of one of the popular songs in the album, ‘Aate Jaate’, was directly lifted from the English song ‘I Just Called To Say I Love You’. Name the singer.
Bryan Adams
Eric Clapton
Stevie Wonder
Elton John
Richard Marx

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