How well do you know your movie trivia?

Sure, we all know tha GhostBusters is a movie about people that bust ghosts, but do YOU have the knowledge and expertise to go DEEPER than just the obvious? This is where you find out!

Come on! Try this out! I mean, if you do well, you can go brag to all your best friends and relatives and practically the WORLD. If you don't get it that great, you can always keep it hush. Anyway, it's not just vital to see how good you are, but it's really fun!

Created by: Rachel
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1. In which movie does the actor Lucas Till make out with a famous pop-star from Tenesse back-stage?
James Bond
Rachel Getting Married
Hannah Montana The Movie
Freaky Friday
2. In the movie Nancy Drew (based on the novel) who turns out to be the bad guy?
Dehlia's Lawyer
Inga and Trish
3. In which show was there a rope that two middle/high schoolers used to get to an imaginary getaway across the river?
Spiderwick Chronicles
Flee to Freedom
Get Over It
Bridge to Teribithia
4. Anne Hathaway has been in a few movies. In which one does she act as the drug-addicted sister that killed her little brother in a car-ride over the bridge?(Her sister is getting married by the way)
Rachel Getting Married
Bride Wars
The Devil Wears Prada
The Other Side Of Heaven
5. Which of the following movies has Lucas Till been featured in?
Princess Diaries
Don't Leave
Fear Clinic
Big Momma's House II
6. What was Michelle Pfeiffer's latest movie?
Personal Effects
I Am Sam
7. How many movies was Gillian Anderson featured in (including doing the voice for cartoons and movies where she plays herself and including each episode and whatever)?
8. In which movie does Alyssa Milano play as Jesse Young?
My Girlfriend's Boyfriend
Buying The Cow
9. In what year was the movie 'Kiss The Bride' released?
10. Which of the following chinese movies had a 'unromantic' guy and all his past/present girlfriends?
I Not Stupid
Guasha Treatment
Sky Lovers
Love On The Rocks
11. And FINALLY!! This one's easy. Where was the movie 'I Not Stupid' set?

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