Name that actor.

Take this quiz to find out how much you know about actors and actresses. Test your knowledge on who played in what movie to test your movie star trivia.

This is a twenty one question quiz that consists of multiple choice questions. Take this quiz now to test your trivia on actors and actresses. I hope you like it and enjoy.

Created by: Honeytoast
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1. She played in I Know What You Did Last Summer and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
Jennifer Aniston.
Sara Mitchelle Gellar.
Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Alex Jenkins.
Bea Arthur.
2. She played in Cruel Intentions and Sweet Home Alabama.
Reese Witherspoon.
Kim Myers.
Kate Hudson.
Angelina Joele.
Mila Jovovich.
3. She played Chuckys bride in The Bride Of Chucky.
Reese Witherspoon.
Katie Holmes.
Jan Thompson.
Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Jennifer Tilly.
4. He played the boyfriend in the first Nightmare On Elm Street.
Brad Pitt.
Johnny Depp.
George Cloony.
Alex Baldwin.
Tom Arnold.
5. She is the daughter of Goldie Hawn and played in How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days.
Tara Reid.
Kate Hilmon.
Jennifer Aniston.
Kate Hudson.
Tabitha Hawn.
6. He was the creator of Scienfield and the star of Curb Your Enthusiasim.
Larry David.
Larry King.
Jimmy Kimmel.
Jake Thompson.
Jerry Scienfield.
7. The star from The Wonder Years is brothers with the star from...
Step By Step.
That Seventies Show.
Saved By The Bell.
Boy Meets World.
Malcom In The Middle.
8. He starred in Fight Club and American History X.
Edward Ferlong.
Charlie Sheen.
Paulie Shore.
David Spade.
Edward Norton.
9. He played in Threes Company and is deceased.
Brian Levelton.
John Ritter.
Bob Barker.
Heath Ledger.
Eric Monroe.
10. He played in Cast Away.
John Goodman.
Charlie Sheen.
Tom Hanks.
Robin Williams.
Tom Cruise.
11. She is Paris Hiltons best friend on the reality show The Simple Life and is the daughter of Lional Ricci.
Nicole Ricci.
Jennifer Ricci.
Hillary Duff.
Lindsey Lohan.
Christina Ricci.
12. He played Rett Butler in Gone With The Wind.
Tom Rinhart.
Clark Gable.
John Wayne.
Clark Thomas.
John Clark.
13. She was the smart one on The Golden Girls.
Catherine Kipp.
Jennifer Fletcher.
Betty White.
Bea Arthur.
Blanch Devero.
14. He was the fresh prince of bel air.
Devon Horsefeild.
Will Smith.
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Hans Marton.
Hubert Lang.
15. He was the dad from Full House.
Eric Hascal.
Jon Goldman.
Bob Sagot.
Tom Hanks.
Bill Cosbyg
16. She played in the movie Overboard and The First Wives Club.
Kathy Olman.
Roseanne Barr.
Kate Winslet.
Merlin Monroe.
Goldie Hawn.
17. He was the dad from Malcolm In The Middle and the star of Breaking Bad.
Brian Golden.
Brian Cranstong
Tom Markus.
Bill Paxton.
Jerry Costa.
18. She played the blond vegatarian in Friends.
Kate Hudson.
Lisa Kudrow.
Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Pearl Hawkens.
Lisa Simpson.
19. He was the host of The Price Is Right.
Bob Barker.
Robert Hillman.
George Glass.
Anthony Hopkins.
Thomas Tipp.
20. She was married to Brad Pitt.
Cathy Monroe.
Jennifer Aniston.
Jessica Gellar.
Allison Parker.
Stacy Lington.
21. He played Freddy Kruger.
Harry Solen.
Wes Craven.
Robert Englund.
Robert Thompkons
Jake Harrington.

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