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The family is known to be the basic unit of the society. Each one of us knows and definitely belongs to a family but do you know that there is more to this than what we think?

How well do you know your "Family"? Are you a master of the subject or a master to be? Take my 10-question test and find out if you qualify! Whatever results you get, don't let it stop you from learning! Good luck!

Created by: Kristen of The Geek Within
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1. Which type of family consist of heterosexual couples who live together like a nuclear family but remains unmarried?
Dyad Family
Multigenerational Family
Cohabitation Family
2. This is a description of The Multigenerational Family.
consist of two people living together, usually a woman and a man living together
includes the nuclear family and other members outside.
remarriage or a reconstituted family usually a divorced or widowed person with children marries someone who also has children.
3. Among the choices given, who defined Family as two or more people who live in the same household, share a common emotional bond, and perform certain interrelated social tasks?
U.S. Census Bureau
Allender and Spradley
4. These are family types:
Family of Orientation and Procreation
Family of Reproduction and Release
Childbearing Family
5. How many family tasks were identified as essential for a family to perform to survive as a healthy unit?
6. Who among the following identified eight tasks that are essential for a family to perform to survive as a healthy unit?
Duvall and Miller
Florence Nightingale
Allender and Spradley
7. Which among the choices below does not belong to the three tasks the family tries to achieve during the first stage of the family cycle?
Learn to relate well to their families of orientation
Establish a mutually satisfying relationship
Prepare their children to be able to function in a complex world while at the saime time maintaining their own satisfying marriage relationship
8. This is the stage in the Family cycle where a family returns to a two nuclear unit, as it was before childbearing.
The Launching Center Family
The Family of Middle Years
The Family in Retirement or Older Stage
9. What is an important nursing role in the second stage of the Family Life Cycles?
health education about well-child care and accepting a new member of the family
safety considerations for unintentional injuries or accidents
offer a great deal of support and advice to the young adults who are just starting their families
10. These are family tasks except:
Socialization of family members
Reproduction, recruitment, and release of family members
Establish a mutually satisfying relationship

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