Family Guy Quiz

Welcome to the Family Guy quiz! There are many people out there who think they know Family Guy, but few are knowlegable in Family Guy to say they are a true fan!

Do YOU think you are knowlegable within Family Guy? Just take this quiz, and all will be revealed. Remember, if you fail this quiz, your mum will have to give you a great big kissy! :O

Created by: Cameron Rigby
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1. According to Family Guy, who invented Peanut Butter?
Michael Jackson
Dick Smith
A black guy
2. Who took over Happy Go Lucky Toy Factory in Season 5?
Michael Jackson
El Dorado Cigarettes
3. Who did Peter mistake Meg for in "Brian wallows, Peter Swallows"?
Christina Aguilera
Boba Fett
4. How many Peters were there in Peters choral group?
5. What choir did Peter used to conduct?
The Jackson 5
The Sandpeople choir
International Orchestra of Wales
6. When Peter had to hide in a freezer full of sperm, how many bottles of sperm did he break?
About 5
About 12
All there was
7. Finish this sentence: "Are you going to eat that ____ ___ ___?
dead fat guy
kid across the street
that big girl
8. What fast-food store did Peter used to work for?
Burger King
Hungry Jacks
9. Who does Brian want to kill after watching a MTV special on Gwen Stefani?
A Hollaback girl
Michael Jackson
Your mum
10. What do Brian and Stewie discover in the middle of the Sahara Dessert?
A Comfort Inn
Michael Jasckson
Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa
11. What superpower does Meg possess after she is exposed to toxic waste?
She has superstrength
She can summon Michael Jackson
She can grow her fingernails
12. What person do the fat men of America offend during their national anthem?
Michael Jackson
Julia Roberts
13. What was Lois' last name before she married Peter?
14. What magazine does Brian read when he is on the toilet?
World Sluttiest Dogs
Kinky Canine
15. What bad thing does Peter's pet rock keep doing?
Peeing everywhere
Smashing the windows
Sneaking out
16. What makes Lois go insane on Christmas Eve?
Peter keeps swearing
They're out of paper towels
Meg kicks her
17. When did Peter first pass gas?
When he was 16
When he was 1
He has never passed gas
18. Which one of these shows did Peter guest-star on?
My Wife and Kids
American Dad
Simpsons Treehouse of Horror VIII
19. What letter does Quagmire think his pubic hair is in the shape of?
20. What does Death do on his first date?
Throw up
Kill his date

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