family guy quiz that is impossible

Some ppl think they know family guy some watch it alot but how many have seen litterally every show? i know i have lets see if you can match what i know

do you know family guy? maybe you do maybe not but with this wuiz you can find out if you really know your stuff or if your just a family guy poser

Created by: jeff
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1. How did Stewies stuffed animal go missing?
he lost him in the store
brian stole him
brian sold him
lois threw him away
2. What city did stewies stuffed animal end up in?
New York
Spring Field
3. What is Megs dads name?
Petert Griffin
Stan Thompson
Francis Griffen
shes an alien
4. What number did peter wear in his short time playing professional football?
5. Who was the father of seabreezes' puppies?
Ted Turner
6. Which Celeb did peter try to seduce to prove he was gay so meg didnt get sued?
luke perry
adam west
jimmy fallon
skeet ulrich
7. What did peter eat when joe, clevland, quagmire and himslef where stranded on an island
joes legs
8. In the future how was joe able to walk again?
they found a cure for being handicapped
he had a leg transplant
he couldnt
on crutches
9. what does peter eat so carter will help him make lois stop modeling
a dog
a pinecone
a shoe
10. in the episode where meg goes out with a doctor and believes that she is pregnant what made her go into the coma
peter hit her in the head
she got too drunk
she was on drugs
she was getting peters beer in the fridge during a flood
11. what is andy garcias conjoined twins' nick name
shoulder guy
arm guy
12. who does peter want to meet when he is staying with meg in the hospital?
scrubs and black scrubs
ricky bobby
a doctor
13. what do brian and stewie buy in attempt to fix it and sell it making a profit
a house
a car
a bike
a boat
14. what does peter build in order to keep mort goldman away from his house
a gun
a jew trap
a scare-jew
a statue
15. who does meg want to date but peter dosn't trust and follows them on there dates
michael milano
kevin swanson
the nudists son
mort goldman
16. how does peter prove to his real dad that he is his son
gets a paternity test
shows him his birth mark
shows him a picture of his mom
beats him in a drinking contest
17. what name did peter use when he pretended to be a highschool student
paul williams
lando johnson
lando griffin
james woods
18. what does peter ask megs date to see if he could date her
how big are you?
are you a virgin?
have you ever had fantasies about the charactors on the simpsons?
have you ever sat on your arm until it fell asleep then played with yourself pretending it was someone else
19. what inaminate object did peter refer to when talking about her date using her to have sex with
a shot glass
a nerf football
his dog
his cat
20. what position did peter play when he was on the patriots

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