sonic heroes quiz

this quiz will show you how smart you are in sonic heroes and i must warn you there are some monkeys in this quiz so try your best and hope that you get a good grade on this sonic test!

i made this quiz because im a big sonic fan and my favorite gamecube game was sonic heroes and i had taken many other quizes and said to myself what the heck i could my my own sonic quiz and yeah i made own, good luck!

Created by: sonicfan
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1. who is the main villian in this game?
a monkey
metal sonic
dark sonic
shadow the hedgehog
2. who is the new character in this game?
a monkey!
cream the rabbit
team chaotix
nobody was a new character
3. how many chao are in this game?
they're every were!
the monkey ate them all!
ther were no chao in this game
4. what is metal sonic's mission?
to kill every life form
to destroy the world
to remember his past
to kill sonic and to prove he is the real sonic
to kill the monkey
just for power
5. what does every team have?
a chaos emerald
a robot
a monkey
speed,fly.and power types
a hedgehog
a chao
6. are monkeys in this game?
yes! monkeys rock!
wtf hell no why would monkeys be in this game?
7. is this game rated E+10 for ages 10 and up?
8. when was sonic first seen
9. last question was wierd but what is creams chao named
she has no chao
10. this is the last question whos team is for begginers
team sonic
team dark
team rose
team chaotix
team monkey

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