Our Beloved Heroes! Which Hogan's Heroes Character Are You?

Hogan's Heroes is a very popular television show running from 1965-1961. It was about 5 cunning POW's in Germany who virtually had an "underground" system beneath the ground--complete with all of the sabotaging equipment any PW camp needed.

It's a grea show and should truly be seen. I've been watching it since I was six and love ALL of the characters. My favs had to have been Newkirk, LeBeau, Carter, Hogan, Shultz, SS guard, Klink, then Kinch.

Created by: Mackenzie
1. What is your age?
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18 to 24 Years Old
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31 to 40 Years Old
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51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Quick! Pick a Quote!
Blimey! That's a smashing idea!
Don't worry, we'll figure something out.
That's an order!
4. Your a male POW with a one day pass to Berlin. You would spend it:
Wooing the girls--or trying to at least.
You'd turn it down. Socializing isn't one of your best critiques
Go to the zoo!
Do everything in your power to sabotage some German equipment or the likes
Go home to your wife. Eat. Eat some more. Then go to bed.
Go to the town bar and hope the bar maid recognizes you.
5. A German plant need to be sabotaged and the person in charge hints that he needs volunteers for this extra dangerous mission. You:
Inspect your nails, duck your face to your head and hope he doesn't call your name.
Stand up slowly and state, "I volunteer."
would never be asked ask you: he can't trust you.
would never be asked you: you're better behind-the-scenes
Would probably be the one giving out the hints, and probably the one to issue the mission.
Would make up a lame--but useful--excuse to get out of it.
6. Your every-day work would probably involve:
Doing paper work
Asking around for Apple Strudel
Sneaking around like you know what your doing
Doing your Laundry
Preparing another sabotage plan
Creating another bomb! Fire! Fun!
7. If you could speak with any accent it would probably be:
Good-Ole American
8. You have some extra time on your hands. You would:
Go into town
Dream of girls
Write a letter
Plan another sabatoge mission
Eat some apple strudel
Extra Time? There's actually something called extra time? I haven't heard the term "Extra Time" since I raised my hand and shouted Heil Hitler for the very first time.
9. If you hadn't seen a girl for over three years, and found one who was available, you would:
Get her into the back room faster than you could say, "Bob's your uncle!"
Take your time. Enjoy the moment. It's been such a long time
Accuse her of being involved with the underground.
Ask her to make you the apple strudel only a woman could make
Take her for a ride, and while the driver's driving, you make out--gently, of course.
Take her for a ride, and while the driver's driving, you make out--no gentleness intended! Been too long, and you're too experienced.
10. Quick. Pick one.
11. You have a job to do with Carter. Your best bet to get out of this mess is to:
Let Carter Handel it. He's got the smoke bombs, after all.
Put on a dress and act like an elderly woman and he your young son
Disguise your voice with a German accent
Pretend your hurt--fall on the ground, roll around, and moan in mock pain.
Wish you were just about dead--or eating apple strudel somewhere else.
You aren't Carter's friend. You'de accuse him of being in the underground.
12. You are going to dine. You much rather prefer:
Anything, as long as someone brings it to me.
French cooking. How delicious.
English food. We have some very tastey dishes, after all.

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