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Confederate said:
Feb 6 '18, 3:10PM

I got 77%

EmoOtaku317 said:
Nov 5 '16, 3:52PM

Your results reveal that you have social anxiety. In your case it is not completely debilitating, yet it does interfere with your life significantly, making social engagements a challenge. Social situations can be quite frustrating/scary to you. It's hard, but try to build your confidence to beat the anxiety.

Makes sense...

Crimson Red said:
Aug 9 '16, 9:45AM

I got 87%, I really don't know how to make eye contact with others so I always keep my head bowed down, and also. I hate it when I stutter when I talk to someone I barely knew.

ABeautifulSoul said:
Jan 21 '16, 7:23PM

63% . I get scared when speaking in front of a class,texting friends,and saying no. It's so much easier to text. When I'm talking to my friends,it's kinda hard but kinda easy. I hope to get over this and become brave.

grid001 said:
Jul 24 '15, 7:47AM

77%...but they pretty much all applied to me at least slightly.

Any tips on overcoming this?

Cheese101 said:
Jul 18 '15, 10:55PM

93% :/

Becka said:
Jun 13 '15, 11:48AM

I got 90%, but I already knew I had it... :(

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