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EmoOtaku317 said:
Nov 5 '16, 3:52PM

Your results reveal that you have social anxiety. In your case it is not completely debilitating, yet it does interfere with your life significantly, making social engagements a challenge. Social situations can be quite frustrating/scary to you. It's hard, but try to build your confidence to beat the anxiety.

Makes sense...

Crimson Red said:
Aug 9 '16, 9:45AM

I got 87%, I really don't know how to make eye contact with others so I always keep my head bowed down, and also. I hate it when I stutter when I talk to someone I barely knew.

ABeautifulSoul said:
Jan 21 '16, 7:23PM

63% . I get scared when speaking in front of a class,texting friends,and saying no. It's so much easier to text. When I'm talking to my friends,it's kinda hard but kinda easy. I hope to get over this and become brave.

grid001 said:
Jul 24 '15, 7:47AM

77%...but they pretty much all applied to me at least slightly.

Any tips on overcoming this?

Cheese101 said:
Jul 18 '15, 10:55PM

93% :/

Becka said:
Jun 13 '15, 11:48AM

I got 90%, but I already knew I had it... :(

happy11 said:
Feb 15 '15, 6:03PM

Depress ion =/= social anxiety.
I am strong as well, enough to fake a smile and keep going, and I take pride in that. However I am not good in social situations. I DO NOT want to be popular, I just want a friend, just one, I'd be happy forever. You may have been depressed (I'm glad to hear it's better though, I have been through almost the same except I lost both my mom and dad...) but you can't tell ANYONE who struggles that it is "easy" simply because it is for YOU. Think about OTHER people's feelings, not your own, everyone is different.

kaiden taylor said:
Dec 11 '14, 1:36AM

I got a 100% so i have sia and i di tgink that but im not sure

KestreltheBird said:
Dec 10 '14, 6:18PM

83%. i didn't know the fantasy lives was a symptom... oh dear.

Jui said:
Sep 18 '14, 11:04PM

I got a 0%

Jui said:
Sep 18 '14, 11:03PM

I got a 0%

taywentz12 said:
Sep 12 '14, 9:01PM

To all the people on this quiz who feel bad about themselves, its really not that hard to just go up to someone and start up a conversation. As a person who has been bullied, lost a grandfather and my father, been heartbroken and family has always been disfunctional all in the past 2-3 years... I have stayed as strong as possible as soon as you fall off the edge of a cliff pull yourself back up before you die. I could be popular, I could go to social events, but I CHOOSE NOT TOO for the simple fact of I am completely happy with the loyal and heartfelt friends I have now.

Bastille said:
Aug 29 '14, 6:54PM

I literally got 100%. (-_-) Sigh.

AcidWolf said:
Jul 28 '14, 2:16AM

80% ^-^... Most of this stuff is true to me. Like that one where it's so easier to talk online. To strangers and fellow peers, I can't utter one word. Not even HI. Annd this has been happening for my whole life so far and I'm 14 now and I'm afraid my disorder of SM [Selective Mutism] will worsen and continue into highschool and my adult hood... And I know this is apart from social anxiety and such but... Is it normal that I want to be a sociopath? To be insane? o-o

McChickenNugget said:
Jul 22 '14, 8:11AM

This test isn't as accurate as it could be as for some of the questions it says things like I have few friends but I would like to have more, so I said no to that because people make me uncomfortable (I checked to see if saying yes to that would increase my percentage and it did. When my answer (because of the reasoning) should make the percentage higher)

beethoven said:
Jul 8 '14, 11:38PM

43% lol the only problem wheen im socializing is i rarely have a topic on my mind to start a conversation

Sadesi said:
Jun 6 '14, 5:44PM

89%...... More like 100 can't even take to ma parents :,(

Sadesi said:
Jun 6 '14, 5:43PM

89%...... More like 100 can't even take to ma parents :,(

Fml it sucks said:
Apr 21 '14, 6:24PM

73% which u guess is definitely not the worst. But I was expecting higher so I'm glad it's not. I hate meeting new people and I have very limited eye sight so idk I hate being in public by myself cause I guess I can't see right and embarrass myself and look like an idiot. And I hate being in crowds of people I don't know well and I hate new places and omg I may as well stay in my house forever :( I don't want to tell my parents cause honestly they will put me through hell. New school in a different country with loads of stranger is just gonna be fab. :( F. M. L.

Deejoueah said:
Apr 19 '14, 12:36PM

77% expecting higher, I'm too scared to even walk by a group of girls the same age, LOL

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