Should you be allowed to vote

Currently in America, virtually all adults are permitted to vote. Therefore, we get the government we have today. A government elected largely by idiots who have no idea about the most basic items in real life. Most can tell you who the last three American Idol winners were, but can't name one of their senators. I'm not so sure we want such uninformed people deciding who the leader of the Free World should be.

Are you capable of passing the most elemental of tests to see if you should really be permitted to vote in our elections? You must get at least 90% correct- I'm sorry, but this is just too important a thing to allow just any idiot to be able to cancel out your intelligent and well-informed vote.

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1. Does oil float on water, or does water float on oil?
water floats on top of oil- that's why we drill in the ocean
oil floats on the top of water-
2. What was the political party of Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves in the US?
Democrat Party
Republican Party
Whig Party
Tory Party
3. Who elects US Senators?
The House of Representatives
The people of the senator's state
The other senators of the state
4. What is the official language of the United States?
5. How many legs would a normal dog have, if you called the dog's tail as a leg?
6. Does the Earth revolve around the Sun, or does the Sun revolve around the Earth?
The Earth revolves around the Sun
The Sun revolves around the Earth
7. Which ocean is on the west coast of the continental US?
The Atlantic Ocean
The Sea of California
The Magenta Ocean
The Pacific Ocean
8. What political party was in the White House when the US entered World War II, the Korean War, and the Viet Nam war?
The Republican Party
The Democrat Party
9. In US government, who can raise taxes?
The President
The Congress
Chairman of the Federal Reserve
10. What is the main difference between a company's "profits" and "profit margin"?
Profit is gross income made, while profit margin is what was kept after subtracting the costs of doing business.
Profit margin is costs divided by income.
Profit is usually half of profit margin.
They are the same thing.

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