Scott AFB chat Quiz 3

Sure you know all about chocolate, Illinois, 80's music, movies and all the other quiz topics we have had. But how well do you know the ladies on the Scott AFB chat?

By popular demand I made this quiz all about the ladies in our online chat group. Those who do more than just read the titles of others posts or just post things they are selling will do better on this.

Created by: Mo
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1. Who's currently shopping for a mini van?
2. Where did Marian move here from?
It's her first base.
Dyess AFB
Offutt AFB
Travis AFB
3. What was Marissa's daughter LJ last year for Halloween?
Madame Mim
Madame Leota
Madame Tussaud
Hannah Montana
4. Whooo another hard one. April 6th, 2008. What did Shelley have for breakfast?
ham and eggs
5. What is Waphyl1's first name?
6. Melissa Ann posted "OMGness, I just found out that she was my Secret Sister! A-FREAKIN-MAZING!" Who was her secret sister?
someone amazing
Mary B.
7. What phrase follows all of Shery'ls posts?
Beauty is just a click away!
Visit my myspace page!
Families are forever!
8. True or False You can go through security and meet and or escort a deployed family member to their airport gate.
9. What game show would Marissa say she would like to be on?
Wheel of Fortune
Let's Make a Deal
Deal or no Deal
10. And Finally...Mary B. has pictures of what 80's icon on her keychain?
Ricky Schroder
Jason Bateman
Rick Springfield
Mr. T

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