Dear Chat Mate: Hello and welcome to my chat. Hope you are a good chat mate and hope you win more time of your computer game times.Here are some instructions to guide you in this chat.

INSTRUCTIONS: You are in a real chat! First look below to see what your reply will be. Then find the matching answer in your responce and click on the dot in its left side. You are welcome.

Created by: Angella of Chat with Angella
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1. Hey, thanks for pinging me! Gott'n thing to tell?:)
Pretty much like it. I need you as a judge.
Not really-just chilling and wanted to say hi.
Not much...just playing on the internet for a good website. How're you?
2. OK, that is fair. What do you wants to chill-up now?
Well, happy birthday to your dad and hope the cake is yum.
What will you say first?
Try playing Snackers on the computer. It's fun!
Nothing too like it (actually, I needs you as a judge).
3. Well I'd rather say you are getting smarter by now! Last night I saw you on TV news with a maths trophy. Can you tell me about it?
Maths trophy? You are wrong. I am totally bad at maths.
I'd love to tell you! I am a sort of chitter chatter.
4. Yeah. Chitters makes your brains smarter. First, tell me what did you feel when you first got that golden maths trophy? Why did you felt like that?
Really, I didn't felt so proud of my self at all. What do you think?
I was madly excited! I felt so proud of my self. Did you felt proud when you saw that news?
5. I felt super! You are my best friend. How can I not be proud of you!
Well thanks! I didn't felt like anything after all!
Yeah. I knew I was great. Angella, any more news?
6. Well, I saw on TV news...Whoops! Never mind.
What? Now you have to tell me.
Yikes-you kept your news as secrets? To a friend like me?
7. Fine! But don't tell Mr. Reporter I told you. He is writing about a fast food eating competition. It was Kevin VS Zac.
Who won at last?
I can do fast food eating!
8. Kevin did, but he got dirty. Zac smashed a pie onto Kevin when he was eating a chicken piece.
Then what happened?
Cheater Zac! Cheater Zac!
9. Well, Mr. Coach told Zac to re-start for doing that to Kevin.
Did Mr. Coach get angry?
Then what did Zac do?
Is Kevin cross?
10. He did what Mr. Coach says and that is my news.
Wow. Zac must have been furious!
I think one day Kevin will do a pay-back on Zac.

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