Red Sox Quiz for True Red Sox Fans (No girly crap here)

There are many people who call themselves Red Sox fans. They barely watch the games, don't understand whats going on, and won't watch when they suck. Are you one of those pink-hat wearing fools? Or are you a REAL RED SOX FAN?

So you call yourself a Red Sox fan? Prove it. Take this quiz. Be a dirt dog, a true Sox fan, and be a man. Hopefully you can join the true elite of Red Sox Nation... no, not the ones with money or the pink-hat wearing fools... the real Red Sox fans who sit in the bleachers but know exactly whats going on anyway.

Created by: Craig
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51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
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3. Who made that memorable catch in 1990 to clinch the American League East for the Boston Red Sox?
Luis Alicea
Dwight Evans
Jim Rice
Tom Brunansky
Mike Greenwell
Fred Lynn
4. What branch of the United States military did Ted Williams serve in?
United States Army
United States Navy
United States Air Force
United States Marine Corps
British Royal Air Force
Iraqi Imperial Guard
5. In what season did Pedro Martinez debut in a Red Sox uniform?
6. Bobby Doerr has his number retired at Fenway Park. Which number is his?
7. Who managed the Boston Red Sox to an American League Eastern Division title in 1995?
Terry Francona
Jimy Williams
Joe Kerrigan
Grady Little
Kevin Kennedy
Joe Morgan
8. What Japanese pitcher threw a no-hitter for the Boston Red Sox?
Derek Lowe
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Hideo Nomo
Hideki Irabu
Chan-Ho Park
Dick Radatz
9. Who hit the game-tying home run in Game Six of the 1975 World Series?
Dwight Evans
Jim Rice
Carl Yastrzemski
Bernie Carbo
Carlton Fisk
George Scott
10. Who was the winning pitcher for the Boston Red Sox in each of the three series-clinching games (game 3 vs Angels, game 7 vs Yankees, game 4 vs Cardinals) in 2004?
Derek Lowe
Keith Foulke
Curt Schilling
Pedro Martinez
Bronson Arroyo
Tim Wakefield
11. What was the name of the Red Sox' first home field?
Polo Grounds
Fenway Park
Braves Field
Harvard Stadium
Huntington Avenue Grounds
Nickerson Field
12. What team did Coco Crisp play for before his trade to the Boston Red Sox?
New York Yankees
Chicago White Sox
Atlanta Braves
Kansas City Royals
Oakland Athletics
Cleveland Indians
13. Which player captured both the American League MVP award and the American League Rookie of the Year award in 1975?
Fred Lynn
Jim Rice
Dwight Evans
Carlton Fisk
Roger Clemens
Bill Lee
14. What college team did Jason Varitek play for?
Boston College
Clemson University
Arizona State University
Georgia Tech
University of West Virginia
University of Massachusetts
15. What player was traded to Seattle for minor league players Derek Lowe and Jason Varitek?
Heathcliff Slocumb
Jamie Moyer
Ken Griffey, Jr.
Jay Buhner
Hideki Matsui
Roger Clemens
16. What place did the Red Sox finish in the American League East in 2006?

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