r u a floridian at heart?

No matter where your from you might be a true Floridian at heart! It's not about where you were born, where you live, or what your nationality is. Being a true Floridian at heart is all about your attitude!

How do you think you will rate? Are you laid back in a fast paced world with little thats gets to you, or are you a lover of order but enjoy a good fast paced vacation in a world that seems light years away from the rest of the country? Or maybe you are very Controlling and have a way you expect things to be and Florida just does not agree with you! Find out now!

Created by: tonya gomez
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. If you have a weeks vacation coming up where in FL do you want to go?
Disney's Magic Kingdom without a doubt
Done the magic kingdom, but the other parks in Orlando will be great!
Forget Orlando, I'm hanging at the beach!
Forget Orlando, I'm going to Miami!
Forget Miami, I don't have the cash this week!
Forget vacation! I'm broke-I'm working a few doubles this week and next weekend there's a great party out east, I'll just call off!
4. how do you feel about mosquito bites?
I'm immune
what mosquitos?
Hate them!
Always carry repelant!
5. How do you feel when you order a burger at a drive thru and the person working is talking in Spanish, but your sure their not even talking to you, or are they????
I want to speak to the manager!
I try to talk back-Si, SI, una, ahhh, burger, burgero, senor!
I'll just leave, I'm sure theres a burger king up the road that makes their employees speak english!
So what, who cares what the guys saying, as long as I get my value meal, I don't care! Besides, he's talking about the guy in front of me!
6. What do you wear to the beach?
Flip Flops(if I remember to grab them!) as little clothing as necessary to walk into Walmart for beer on the way!
Flip Flops, Sunscreen, shorts/bathing suit, change of clothes and of course my camera and water toys for the kids!
Everything above and also an umbrella and a packed lunch, but the sun was way too hot so after 10 minutes I move to the shade to eat but then the stupid seagulls came and took half of it and pooped on us!
I never got there, it rained everyday!
7. Do you enjoy sitting on your lanai at night?
Who doesn't?
What's a lanai?
No way! It's too loud and the bugs are awful!
8. What would you do if you seen a spider with a 2 inch circumfrence in your bathroom?
Not again!
Kill it ASAP and keep the lights on the rest of night!
I'm leaving right now!
9. Do you sleep with your doors locked and windows closed at night?
of course! These crackers are crazy around here!
Oh no, I'm sure this neighborhood is safe and we don't want to run the AC all night!
Yes and I'm keeping the tv and kitchen light on! I know that Spanish guy was scoping out my bag outside!
10. Do you prefer to eat at a steak n shake or mcdonalds?
Steak N What?
McDonalds, except on Saturday night! Both drive thrus are packed after1am but McDonalds stops selling half the dollar items!
Steak N Shake, because it looks like a neat 50's restaraunt!
I don't know, I can't cross traffic to get to either one!
11. How do you feel about driving on any Florida Interstate?
I avoid it at all costs!
It's crazy, but it's the only way to get where I'm going!
It's fine as long as your past exit 23 before 5:20! If you get stuck there, you won't be home until 8!
12. cab, city bus, or walk?
city bus
none of the above! I'll get a ride!
none of the above, I don't have any cash and I'm too lazy to walk!
all of the above-I should make it to the causeway by 5!
13. What do you think about beer being sold in a convinience store with paper covering the windows?
What about it?
Do you mean the state store?
That's just crazy! How will anyone seen it if it gets robbed?
14. How does the Florida school year run?
I don't know? I think you go pretty much all year from the end of July to the end of May, but you get at least one half day every week and at least 3 full days off a month!
9 months from the beginning of September until the end of May with all the normal holidays off in between! Just like everywhere else!
Who knows? These people are never in school!
15. AC or no AC?
AC 24-7
We don't need it!
I can't decide if I'm hot or cold so AC in the day, but not at night, or maybe only in the night and off in the day! I don't know, it's off and on!
16. You see a car going down the road with no passenger door, a cracked windshield and it's missing the hood cover!? What do you think?
That's obsured, just wait till the cops see that guy! He'll be pulled over in an instant! And I'm glad of it, that's a road hazard!
Nothing, I didn't even notice!
That's sooo weird! He's brave to drive that without his inspection sticker!
17. Which of the following places do you think a snake is most likely to be seen?
the zoo
under your kitchen sink
on the road

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