Quiz on the Boleyn family

There are many historians who dont know certain things. Did Richard III kill the princes in the tower? We dont know. We DO know alot about the infamous Boleyn Family.

Do YOU know the Boleyns as well as I do? I'm sure we will find out if you take this perilous quiz on the family who came to power when Anne Boleyn caught the eye of Henry VIII.

Created by: Abi
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1. Who were the parents of the boleyn children?
Thomas Boleyn and Elizabeth Howard
George Boleyn and Mary Howard
Anne Boleyn and George Howard
2. Which of the Boleyn children have unknown birth dates?
Mary and George
Anne and Mary
George and Mary
3. Mary had 4 children, which of these is NOT her son/daughter?
Edward Stafford
Catharine Carey
William Carey
4. When was Anne executed?
17 August 1540
19 May 1536
24 June 1875
5. One of these was NOT a husband of Mary Boleyn?
William Stafford
William Carey
William Brenton
6. Thomas Boleyn was ambassador of which country?
7. On the 7th of September 1533 Elizabeth I was born. True or False?
8. George Boleyn married Jane Parker in 1525. True or false?
9. Who said these famous last words: "Trust in God and not in the vanities of the world;for if I had done so I think I would not found myself here before you condemned to die."
George Boleyn
Mary Boleyn
Anne Boleyn
10. Lady Elizabeth Howard Boleyn died at which castle?
Baynards Castle
Hampton Court Palace
Hever Castle

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