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This quiz was designed for fun, and to introduce you to the big six parties in American politics (Yes, there are more than just two). I encourage all takers of this quiz to not buy into ideologies and please think about all issues and vote accordingly.

If you feel the results don't match with your own personnel beliefs don't get too upset. This is a short quiz with only a handful of questions. For example you could be a Pro-choice Republican or a Pro-military Democrat. Getting an unexpected result may cause you to rethink your positions, though. That's a good thing!

Created by: Shelby of Modern Whig Party
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3. Second Amendment (right to bare arms)
Guns are a threat to our society. There is no reason anyone should own one in this day and age. We have plenty to eat so hunting is pointless. Most gun owners are shot by their own guns, so they are counterproductive for security. They should be banned outright.
There is a serious gun problem in America. We need to ensure our current laws are enforced and have mandated registration. Also there is no need for certain types of firearms in the United States, such as fully automatic weapons. These more dangerous guns need to be banned.
Our current gun laws should be left as they are. There is no reason to punish responsible owners for the criminal actions of a few.
The right to bare arms is a fundamental right to protect citizens from a tyrannical government. Gun registration is the first step in taking our guns away. I have the right to own whatever firearms I so choose.
4. The War on Drugs
Drugs are a scourge on our society. We need tougher sentencing for dealers and double our efforts to find and persecute the people who are pushing this poison.
We are on the right course of action. America will eventually win this battle, we just need to be patient.
This whole effort has been a failure, costing America billions that could have been better spent on educating our youth of the dangers of these substances. Safer ones such as pot should be made legal and taxed.
It is not the government's job to mandate what I put in my body. People will always use drugs and instead of fighting human nature ALL should be legalized.
5. Taxes
A Flat Tax which takes the same percentage from everyone is the best idea.
The Fair Tax or National Sales Tax is the best approach. This way people driving up inflation are the ones paying the most taxes. This way the government can also adjust taxes higher on goods it deems unsafe or healthy and lower on items where we need to encourage spending. This also keeps my private fiances out of the governments eye.
Our current tax code, although imperfect is the best system available. The rich should be taxed at higher rates while the poor pay fewer taxes.
Taxes should be very high, nearing 75% of someones income. The government could then redistribute the wealth of our country to where it is needed most.
6. Trade
Free Trade is corner stone capitalism. All tariffs and taxes on imported goods discourage competition ultimately weakening our own economy.
Free Trade works well if other countries are playing by the same "rules" such as France and Germany. For those nations that exploit it's workers and destroy the environment we should impose tariffs equal to what it costs American manufactures to ensure those industry standards are met.
We need to protect Americans and their jobs by heavily taxing all imported goods. America is losing it's place as the industrial giant is was to places like Japan, Germany and China.
7. Affirmative Action
Certain minority groups have been discriminated against for so long that they to this day have a disadvantage getting employment. It is the federal government's job to ensure employers hire people from all backgrounds.
Race based affirmative action is inherently racist. To really help the poor there should be economic affirmative action. This will mandate companies to hire qualified applicants from disadvantaged back grounds regardless of race, religion or gender.
Hiring and firing of employees is no business of the government. Companies should be allowed to hire whomever they wish, ensuring the most competitive workforce.
8. Censorship
The federal government has no right to censor it's own people. TV and radio stations should be allowed to air what they choose at the times they wish. The FCC needs abolished.
During times of the day, when children are more likely to be watching or listening, the government needs to ensure content is not too graphic. Nudity, violence and bad language during these hours should be forbidden. During the late night hours these regulations may loosen.
Nudity, violence and bad language has no place on our public air waves. The government needs to keep these themes away from our children. More educational programs should also be played.
9. Intimate relations between adults
It is time to enforce the laws against certain "deviant" acts.
Well, keep current sodomy and fornication laws on the books to make a statement, but don't enforce them.
These laws are unenforceable and obsolete. Take them off the books.
The government has no right to regulate relations between consenting adults. Take all such laws off the books, including laws against prostitution.
10. Environment
The government needs to ensure the protection of our air, water and soil. Corporations will destroy this planet in pursuit of the almighty dollar. We need to limit carbon emissions and reduce other pollutants. Heavy fines should be imposed on industries that violate these pollution controls.
Pollution is an inevitable by product of manufacturing and progress. To encourage industries to pollute less tax breaks should be given. We do not want to cripple our economy with regulations.
The planet will survive regardless of pollution. Risking jobs for a "theory" is absolutely the wrong answer. Let companies produce goods in the manner the see fit.
11. Defense and NASA
America needs a strong military. One that is respected and feared though out the world. We need to increase our military spending and increase the size of our armed forces to show our enemies we are a force. NASA should not receive any further funding to ensure we can afford to grow our military.
A strong military is important, but more funds need placed in other government programs such as NASA. This funding will lead to innovations that will help not only America but the whole world.
The money currently used for defense spending should be moved to other more peaceful programs such as NASA. Exploring is human nature. A large army only makes America look like bullies and it is totally unneeded in today's peaceful world.
Government should dramatically cut spending on both the military and NASA. Our tax dollars are far too valuable to waste on institutions that have contributed little if any to growing our economy.
12. Abortion
is morally wrong. It should be outlawed in all cases. Enough children have died already under this horrible policy.
It should be illegal except in cases where the mother's health is at risk.
It is not a federal issue. Roe v Wade needs repealed and let each state decided what is best for it's own citizens.
Abortion is a woman's right. Government has no right to tell a woman what she can and can not do with her own body.

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