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  • Strange. Every other political party quiz I've taken has put me down as a fascist. This one just said bog-standard Republican. I guess National Socialist isn't as common a party as whatever the hell modern whig is.

    SomeWhiteGuy May 18 '14, 4:44PM
  • Political Party Quiz
    Your Result: Republican Party

    You are a conservative. You think the government should stop wasting money on social programs that are abused by far too many. Many government programs should be privatized to include Social Security, Welfare and perhaps even education.

    I thought I was a centrist libertarian?

    81% Modern Whig Party
    65%Libertari an Party
    46%Constitut ion Party
    32%Democrati c Party
    25%Green Party

    Brightwing777 Dec 15 '13, 3:36PM
  • I am certain I am libertarian, through and through. Would have taken the quiz, but the 3rd entry was right to "bare" arms. I go sleeveless all the time. You meant "bear" arms.

    TJS Apr 11 '13, 9:42PM
  • the united states isnt even a democracy it is a republic

    Conservative Feb 13 '13, 5:40AM
  • the united states isnt even a democracy it is a republic

    Conservative Feb 13 '13, 5:39AM
  • to Diasent a libertarian and a liberal are two different things you got republican as your second party because libertarians are more for economic freedom than democrats and liberals and libertarians are more for things like so called "social freedoms" like gay marriage and abortion than republicans. Liberalism and Conservativism are not even parties, but ideals. the democratic party carries the liberal idealogy while the republican party carries the conservative idealogy. so a far right republican would be a conservative and a far left democrat would be a liberal.( there are also liberal republicans and conservative democrats for whatever reason) the libertarians however have sort what you would call an independant idealogy. so libertarians are not opposite of republicans. also there are more more economic freedoms than "social freedoms" to be debated about so libertarians are closer to republicans than they are to democrats. i guess sir if you were given the choice of only Democrat or Republican you would choose republican.

    Conservative Feb 13 '13, 5:38AM
  • I got Whig. I thought I was a democrat.

    CutiePie22 Nov 7 '12, 6:56AM

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