Political Ideologies

Politics, a mundane topic on the outside but nonetheless very important. What politicians do may just very well change your entire life. They may raise taxes, they may lower them. Just do not underestimate the power of politics, that's all.

So, where do you stand on the political field? Socialist? Communist? Conservative? Liberal? Libertarian? Other? Let's find out then. Will the expectations match the results shown? There's only one way to see...

Created by: Thinker
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Healthcare. Without this there'd be no one to treat you if you get ill. What is your stance on this matter?
Free healthcare for all. It is the government's duty to provide such an essential service! However allow private healthcare too.
Fully Privatised healthcare. Why should we have to pay for other people's treatment?
The government should provide some funding for healthcare, but people should be made to take out insurance.
The government should help provide health insurance to all people.
Free healthcare for all and no private option, private companies can't be trusted with people's health.
4. Education. This allows people to get good jobs and provides them with a better understanding of the world around them.
The government should be responsible for the education of our people at least to the secondary level (High School)
Education should be available free on all levels
We shouldn't have to pay for other people's learning, use fully private schools instead of wasting taxes
Private education and Free education should be mixed to allow for greater choice
Down with private education. The state should provide everything.
5. The utilities: electricity, water, refuse collection and such. State or privately owned?
Primarily state owned, but allow for slight private ownership
Completely state owned
Completely privately owned
Primarily privately owned, but slight state ownership
6. Okay, the government in economics as a whole. Your stance please.
Complete government control of the economy- Communist system.
Predominant state control of the economy-Socialist/Social Democrat
A balance in between- Centrist or Left Wing Liberal.
Minimal government intervention in the economy- Conservative
Full blown capitalist economy- Libertarian
7. Okay, the government in society now.
The government should never intervene in people's private affairs and such
There should be minimal government intervention in society regarding rules
There should be a balance between government activity in society
There should be considerable government interaction in society and its rules
There should be near total government influence in society.
8. Oooh, risky one- Marriage
Between a man and a woman only, no unions either
Between a man and a woman, but allow unions
There is no strict definintion on marriage and that there should be no restrictions accordingly
Marriage is outdated, scrap it
9. Okay, another risky one- pregancy...
Pro-choice, it's the mother's body, let her do whatever
Pro-choice, but I don't like it though
Pro-life, but I'll allow it if it saves the mother's life
Pro-life outright
10. Next question, views on religion.
I disagree with religion and it shouldn't be allowed
I disagree with it, but I don't mind others following it
I embrace it, but I don't mind if others don't
I embrace it, and I think others should be made to too
11. The environment- 1
Global Warming is man made and we should do what we can to reverse it
Global Warming is partially natural, but humans have made it go overboard
Global Warming is entirely natural
Global Warming is a complete lie
12. Your view on your own political position.
Hard Left Winger
Left Wing/Centre Left
Right Wing/Centre Right
Hard Right Winger
Don't care!
13. The Main British Political Parties, which do you support?
Liberal Democratic
I'm not British/Don't care
14. The Main American Political Parties, which do you support?
I'm not American/Don't care

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