Poetry Terms and Devices

You have probably written a couple of poems in your life. Maybe you even got one published. But hey, did you ever think there was more to poetry than writing down random words?

This fun quiz will take you on a magical journey through the depths of the human psyche. And you'll see if you know a lot of poetic terms and devices.

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3. Define "metaphor".
A figure of speech in which an expression is used to refer to something that it does not literally denote in order to suggest a similarity.
A figure of speech that's parallel rhyming complex defines the specific useage of it a linear poem.
A kind of tofu.
4. What is "imagery"?
Words or phrases that appeal to the sense of sight.
I don't really care.
Words or phrases that appeal to any sense or any combination of senses.
5. Define "onomatopoeia"
The use of words that imitate sound.
The use of a variety of adjectives and adverbs to convey a message to the reader.
6. Define "connotation"
The implication (beyond the obvious and literal) of a poem.
The attitude of the writer in the poem.
The effective use and portrayal of the author's life in the poem.
7. What is a "fabliau"?
Screw this.
A ribald and often cynical tale in verse, especially popular in the Middle Ages.
A type of French poem, most often used in Galigett's "Pinigre"
I don't speak French.
8. Do you prefer Pepsi, or Coke?
I tend to boycott megacorporations, and what does this have to do with poetry?
9. What is a "Haiku"?
A Chinese form of poetry often found in fortune cookies.
A Japanese form of poetry consisting of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables.
An Japanese form of poetry, quite famously used in Suzuki Ichiro's "Katakana"
10. What is the "tone"?
The poet's or persona's attitude in style or expression toward the subject.
The overall mood of the poem.
A phrase used in poems about nature.
11. What is a "cinquain"?
A groovy poem that just blows your mind, man.
A five-line stanza with successive lines containing two, four, six, eight and finally two syllables.
A poem practical in real-life situations.
12. What is "rhyme"?
Oh c'mon, I'm not in Kindergarten.
In the specific sense, a type of echoing which utilizes a correspondence of sound in the final accented vowels and all that follows of two or more words, but the preceding consonant sounds must differ, as in the words, "bear" and "care".
13. What is "refrain"?
A stanza, line, part of a line, or phrase, generally pertinent to the central topic.
A complex series of poetic devices used to portray an effective means of communicating to the reader in a effective, useful manner, the point of the poem.
This is boring. I want a quiz about pirates!
14. Define "alliteration".
The repetition of initial vowel sounds.
The repetition of initial consonant sounds.
15. What is "stress"?
The intensity of muscular effort required for the articulation of syllables.
The emphasis of certain syllables.
You think you're stressed?
16. What is a "sonnet"?
I said I wanted a quiz about pirates!
A freeverse poem follwing a strict set of guidelines.
A fourteen line poem, usually in iambic pentameter, with a varied rhyme scheme.
17. What is "iambic pentameter"?
The most common verse line in English poetry.
Poetry consisting of five parts per line, each part having one short or unstressed syllable and one long or stressed syllable.
Oww...my head...
18. What is a "concrete" poem?
A poem whose subject deals with construction and construction materials.
A grayish poem, usually heavy.
A poem that doesn't have to be very good to gain fame.
A poem best taken with a pinch of salt.
An 'avant-garde' form of poetry or art in which typography is used to make pictures or visual joke.
19. What is a "couplet"?
A romantic poem.
Two successive lines of poetry, usually of equal length and rhythmic correspondence, with end-words that rhyme.
Some stuff Shakespeare made up.
20. Quick question - what's your favourite type of pie?
Lemon Meringue

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