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This quiz is all about the subject of poetry and that of music - it is about links between poetry in the United Kingdom and the USA and the subject of popular music.

Hello all - Are you interested in the world of poetry and the world of music? Why not talk this challenge to answer questions about these two subjects and the way they cross over?

Created by: Rod
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3. Which poet collaborated with the band Leftfield in the 90s?
Richard Price
Lemn Sissay
Patience Agbabi
Martha Kapos
4. Which of these renowned singers once published a book of prose poems?
David Crosby
Bette Midler
James Taylor
Art Garfunkel
5. The literary journal PenPusher has a logo designed by which current pop star?
Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand
Ricky Wilson of The Kaiser Chiefs
Dave McCabe of The Zutons
Jon Lawer of the Fratellis
6. Which of these folk singers has gone on to have acclaim as a poet?
Martin Carthy
Bert Jansch
Mike Harding
Nic Jones
7. Talking of folkies, which poet once dedicated a book to Irish singer Christy Moore?
Eavon Boland
Selima Hill
Robert Crawford
Jorie Graham
8. Which British poet, among other things, is a professional reggae DJ?
Rik Roots
Luke Wright
Tim Wells
Nick Drake
9. Which of these current US poets is better known for his work as a singer-songwriter with the band Silver Jews?
David Berman
Jason Schneiderman
Joshua Beckman
Matthew Zapruder
10. Indie band Idlewild have used lyrics written for them by...?
Peter Reading
Edwin Morgan
Tom Pickard
Tony Harrison
11. Anne Sexton's rock band was called...
Anne Sexton and Her Sound
Anne Sexton and Her Ilk
Anne Sexton and Her Sex
Anne Sexton and Her Kind
12. JH Prynne is apparently a big fan of which US band?
Captain Beefheart
The Ramones
ZZ Top
13. With which band did I appear at the Aldeburgh classical music festival a few years back?
The Penguin Cafe Orchestra
The North Sea Radio Orchestra
The Divine Comedy
The Blue Nile
14. Who, in their first book, dedicated a poem to Prefab Sprout's Paddy McAloon?
Joanne Limburg
Simon Armitage
Paul Farley
Chris McCabe
15. Patience Agbabi is an aficionado of which type of music?
Male voice choir
Dub reggae
Hardcore punk
Northern soul
16. Which of these poets spent a few years managing cult singer-songwriter Momus?
David Kinloch
Tiffany Atkinson
Tamar Yoseloff
Stephen Knight
17. Poet and editor Robin Robertson is friends with which of these top groups?
The Rolling Stones
Talking Heads
18. Which of these poets is the daughter of a minor prog rock star?
Kathryn Gray
Frances Leviston
Melanie Challenger
Kathryn Simmonds
19. Which poet's work was adapted by Leonard Cohen for his popular song 'Take This Waltz'?
20. Which POF forum member has put out a very listenable folky singer-songwriter album?
Nina Davies
David Briggs
Mark Granier
Tim Turnbull
21. This poet worked in the technical side of the music industry for several years...
Vicki Feaver
John Stammers
Dennis O'Driscoll
Denise Riley
22. Poet Matthew Caley has...?
been an A&R man
promoted folk festivals
designed record covers
engineered jazz records

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