Old School Detroit History

Do you know Detroit? If you think you do, give this a try. There are a vast array of topics, all Old School, so come with your history hat! Do you know music, do you know history, do you know crime and punishment, do you know Detroit?

Do you think you have what it takes to run for the Mayor of Detroit History. Until now, you didn't know how much you knew or thought you knew. Give a try and good luck!

Created by: Brandon
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3. The city's name comes from the Detroit River (in French Rivière du Détroit). What is the meaning?
Belle Isle
River Rouge
River of the Strait
River of Detroit
4. On July 23, 1967 Vice squad officers executed a raid at a blind pig on the corner of 12th Street and Clairmount on the city's near westside. What was the subsequent results?
City Wide Boycott
Block Party
5. They controlled about 90% of the heroin traffic in Detroit during the late 1970s through the late 1980s.
Pony Down
The Chambers
Errol Flynn's
6. They formed a street gang heavily involved in the distribution of crack cocaine in the city of Detroit, during the 1980's. Known for an incriminating video counting money.
The Chambers
Best Friends
Errol Flynn's
7. What Detroit gang's hand signs evolved into a local dance?
Frank Nitty's
8 mile Sconey's
Errol Flynn's
Latin Counts
8. What local dance show featured Detroit's best dance talent from the 70's through mid 80's?
The New Dance Show
Soul Train
American Band Stand
The Scene
9. Who was the host of this dance show?
R.J. Watkins
Nat Morris
Billy T
10. Complete the phrase: Sugar, Sugar, Salt, Salt, if you didn't get off. . .
Try again tomorrow
It's not our fault
Stop doin the Waltz
Don't turn us off
11. Name the Radio DJ who traveled from station to station in the "MotherShip"! ("Don't say Damn, say Wo")
12. The names Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson are associated with what Detroit Music, and eventually world, phenomenon?
13. Your Rock live with what Magical DJ, on FM 98, WJLB?
Gary Chandler
The Wizzard
Kim James
Magic Juan
14. What is "White Boy" Rick's last name?
15. What Drug Organization was founded by Demetrius Holloway and Richard Carter?
Best Friends
Cash Flow Boys
The Curry Boys
16. What was Richard Carters nick name?
Big Rick
Cadilac Rick
Rick the Ruler
Maserati Rick
17. With the Second pick in the 1981 NBA Draft, the Detroit Piston select. . .
Kelly Tripuka
Bill Laimber
Isiah Thomas
Joe Dumars
18. He took the U of D Titans to the NCAA tournament in 1977. had a 78-30 record during his tenure at Detroit, which included a 21-game winning streak during the 1977 season.
Chuck Daily
Bobby Knight
Dick Vitale
Larry Brown
19. This was a popular hangout corner spot after the Male Revue.
Grand River / Greenfield
Jefferson / Woodward
Fenkell / Wyoming
8mile / Kelly
20. What was the first Black owned Radio and TV Broadcasting Station?
21. What was the first freeway in the US?

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