Chapter One Quiz

This quiz contains questions about the history of Detroit from the 1920's up until the time of the riot in 1967. It deals with the social and economic issues in Detroit during this period.

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Created by: Katie Campbell of The Detroit Race Riot of 1967
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1. What was the Ku Klux Klan organization based on?
anti-Catholicism and white superiority
anti-Catholicism and worker unrest
Catholicism and worker unrest
Catholicism and white superiority
2. Why did the Ku Klux Klan lose the mayoral race of 1924?
no one voted for them
they were taken out of the race
17,000 votes were invalidated
they never ran in the mayoral race
3. What was the name of the African American man who was subjected to the torment of the Ku Klux Klan after leaving the ghetto in Detroit for a more affluent community?
B.J. Widick
John W. Smith
Dr. Ossian H. Sweet
Adam Lacey
4. In the 1920's the city of Detroit was rapidly becoming known as what?
the centre of the automotive industry
the ghetto capital of the United States
the centre of racial tensions in the United States
the premier vacation destination
5. How many of Detroit's 450,000 autoworkers were African American in 1929?
6. Why did the autoworkers of Detroit want unions at the time of the depression?
they thought that this would end the depression
they wanted to rise up against their employers
they were feeling a great deal of job insecurity
they wanted to get raises
7. What does CIO stand for?
Committee for Industrial Opposition
Cooperation of Industrial Organizations
Cooperation of Industrial Opposition
Committee for Industrial Organization
8. How many people had come into Detroit by the summer of 1941 searching for wartime work?
9. How was the race riot of 1943 ended?
The police ended it
the army ended it
a peace agreement was reached
there was no riot in 1943
10. What were conditions like in Detroit in the 1950's?
the city was on a steady decline
the city was on a steady rise

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