Oakland A's and General Baseball Quiz!

There are many people who consider themselves Oakland A's fans, but few true diehards. A diehard A's fan is, afterall, quite exceptional. What is a diehard A's fan? An A's fan is someone who has an extraordinarily clever mind, is able to store trivia in their noggin, and see the baseball world through an entirely novel point of view!

Hey A's fans! Or are you a baseball fan? Either way, here's a quiz to test that knowledge you may have riding around in that noggin of yours! It's pretty cool and maybe you'll get some cool stuff out of it.

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3. How wide is home plate?
12 Inches
15 Inches
17 Inches
4. With a total of 1,270 runs, who has scored the most runs in the history of the A's franchise?
Al Simmons
Rickey Henderson
Reggie Jackson
5. Which member of the A's played every position in the field except for pitcher and catcher in 1988?
Jose Canseco
Mark McGwire
Tony Phillips
6. Which pitcher has started the most World Series games with a total of 22?
Whitey Ford
Roger Clemens
Nolan Ryan
7. Who hit two home runs for the A's in the 1989 American League Championship Series, followed by a double and home run in the famed "earthquake" World Series?
Bob Welch
Carney Lansford
Dave Parker
8. Who holds the Major League record for most career stolen bases?
Rickey Henderson
Eddie Collins
Davey Lopes
9. What is the maximum length of a bat?
40 inches
42 inches
46 inches
10. What was the last year no World Series was held?
11. What number did National Baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson wear with the A's?
12. How many World Series have the A's won in their franchise history (Philadelphia and Oakland)?
13. Bonus: How many World Series Championships with Philly and how many with Oaklnad?
4 w/ Philly and 5 w/ Oakland
6 w/ Philly and 3 w/ Oakland
5 w/ Philly and 4 w/ Oakland
14. 5 Point Bonus! What other franchise were the A's under between Philadelphia and Oakland?
New York
Kansas City

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