makin my point, the baseball edition

Please take a moment to see who rules baseball in these parts! It is an easy multiple choice quiz that even the simplest baseball fan can pass. Even a Cards fan....

This quiz will enlighten the masses!Surely other fans will agree. This quiz is the greatest one ever and it sucks that this paragraph has to be so long!

Created by: Erin of slackel
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1. what National League Central team has won seven of their last eight games
The Cubs
Not the Cardinals
Not the team from St Louis
Chicago Cubs
all the above
2. What player has a smokin hot batting average?
Derek Lee
The Cubs first baseman
no one from the Cardinals
all the above
3. What team won the World Series last year, but hasn't done dick this year?
The White Sox
The Red Sox
Not the Cubs
The Cardinals
4. What Cubs fan hasn't had to lower the "W" flag for over a week?
The Slacks
all the above
5. What team has a famous guest sing take me out to the ball game during home games?
Not the Cardinals
The Cubs
both a and b
6. Where can you get the best brats and nachos?
Not Busch
At Wrigley
7. Where can you find the most loyal baseball fans?
in the bleachers
at the Cubby Bear
all the above
8. Who knows how to kick butt and take names?
Michael Barrett
Not Yadier
Not Pierzynski
9. What team should people from IL be fans of?
Not the Cardinals
The Cubs
a and b
10. What ball park has the prettiest outfield?
the ivy covered walls of Wrigley

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