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Have you ever wondered how you would do as a ninja? After taking this test, you should have a very accurate guess on whether you would be Genin, Jounin, or Chuunin.

And answer truthfully! Dont just answer what would sound right, you want to see what YOU would really be. You dont want an innaccurate ranking, besides, it doesnt matter if your rank is low. Just train harder and push yourself to the limit and your rank will increase in no time.

Created by: Merrell
1. What is your age?
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3. You are on your way back to the village when you see a house on fire. You quickly rush to the scene, and you see a man holding a sword to a woman and her child in a threatening manner. You throw a kunai knife or shuriken star and knock the sword out of hi
Chase after him and take him out, then go back and rescue the woman and her child from the burning building.
Rescue the woman and her child from the burning building, then get back to the village as fast as you can and report the incident and the mans looks to the ANBU Black Ops.
Rescue the Woman and her child from the building, and attempt to put the fire out before heading back to the village or chasing the man.
Rescue the woman and her child from the burning building, then chase after the man and if you cannot find him quickly report the incident to the village's ANBU team while he will most likely still be in the area.
4. You walk out of the grocery store and you see a woman yelling at a man running away from the scene with something in his hands. You
Throw a Kunai or a few shuriken at the man and take him down and return the item to the woman.
Quickly catch up to the man, get the item away from him and tie him up, and interrogate the man before returning the item to the woman.
You quickly capture the man, and take the item away and return it to the woman.
5. Your on a C ranked mission, you've been assigned as a bodyguard to a traveling merchant who requested standard protection from thieves and bandits. You are later attacked by a group of ninja from a neighboring land, and soon after you find out the merchan
Return to the village immediatly and report the new information to ANBU, and have them deal with the man.
Continue on, try to complete the mission and prove that your a powerful ninja.
Leave the man on his own, you will have nothing to do with theives or anyone who lies to your village.
6. Your mission is to protect the client, and in the middle of fending off an attack from a band of theives they throw a weapon at the client and your not close enough to defend him with your weapon. What do you do?
Throw a kunai or a shuriken star and attempt to hit the weapon off course, your not going to get in the line of fire of that thing.
let the weapon hit and kill the client, better him than you.
use your own body as a shield, you will protect the client even if it means losing your life.
7. During your mission one of your squadmates becomes seriously wounded. What do you do?
Continue the mission and leave them behind, its natural for a ninja to die for thier mission.
Have one of your squadmates treat the wound and get them to a hospital, if the mission isnt that serious they dont deserve to die.
Send your other teamates on, you will treat the wound yourself or leave it to the medical ninja.
If the mission is so serious that it is ranked as S, it would be to dangerous to take them anywhere, treat the wound as best you can and when the mission is over come back for them, hoping they made it through.
8. You overhear the enemy's plans on invading the village one night. What would you do?
Quickly sneak away cleverly and inform the village leader about this. Then gather ANBU forces and prepare to capture the enemy befor any part of the plan is carried out! This is extremely urgent, and it would be dangerous to act out on your own.
Try to take on the enemy by yourself, this would prevent a lot of trouble. Anyway, you've been training hard these days and have got really good techniques up your sleeve.
9. During one of your missions, your teamate is captured. What do you do?
Divide the team, have the best suited continue the mission and the rest go to rescue your squadmate.
Finish the mission and when you get back to the village report the incident to the ANBU black ops.
10. What best describes you?
Observant and Clumsy, but powerful when angered.
Intellegent, Skilled and responsible.
Intellegent, powerful, and obediant.
11. You are denied a request or permission to do something. How do you act?
The heck with them, you want to or you would be a good help in this mission or event.
Calmy accept the answer, but do it anyway.
Calmly accept the answer, and do as your told.
12. Do you always think before acting?

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