Mysterious Killer

I'm getting bored. Try this dumm quiz! It makes abolutily no sense at all just how I spelled that word! THe higher you score... bohoo! This quiz is not for you.

Don't listen to any thing I say! DOn't take this quiz under any circumstances. I warn you, there may be hard feelings. The alarm in you house will come of if you take it.

Created by: amazon
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Most creative way to kill Brittney Spears?
I love her!
Shave her hair! Oh wait...
Knive throwing
Send CIRCUS animals after her!
Drink Poison
Lock her up in older brother's gym locker
4. How about Hannah Montana?
Don't you dare!
Make her have the worst of BOTH WORLDS
Throw trash at her concert and make her START OVER her career
In lava and acid pool in volcano
Make her wear a hiddious wig! Oh wait...
Make fake photos to send to magazines!
5. The Jonas Brothers meet their doom!
He's so cute!
A jonas eating monster diguised as a LOVE BUG to eat them
Get them in the ballsssss
They're BURNIN' UP in their HELL of a concert
Make their voices terrible! Oh wait...
Just use that flamethrower TONIGHT
6. This one won't count. Unicorns?
Use their UNIHORN against them
I want to ride one!
Let them be free. OH NO YOU DIDN'T! Did you just do what I saw you do?! You unicorn killer! How could you do something like that?! I'm putting charges on you! Calling the police! The government! THE PRESIDENT! You ain't goin' anywhere because let me tell you...
Wonder what mythical creatures taste like...
Raise one
Your so pretty pony! You just look so cute and fluffy and cuddly! I love each and everyone of you girlies... I didn't know you were a boy! AHHH!!!!
7. A WW1 plane in the sky holds your worst enemies.
Crash and Burn
Love your enemies
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer... I'm on board!
Fire the cannons and the missles!
I think one of those fireworks made it go bye-bye because it's hurling towards us.
8. Let's start being nice. What would you do to LINKIN PARK
My answer again, Crash and Burn
Treat them to ice cream
Steal their albums
Raze their gig
IDK I'm on both sides here
Who gives a care
9. I said nice.
You said it. Not me
Love them then kill them
Not a bad person
10. This question will be a bunch of jubberish. They will effect your score. Chose wisely
McDonalds will soon serve hamburgers on a stick
You have a dumm a
Question my authority will ya
Peace around the world for generations
Yo yo yo! my name is joe! I'm a fat hobo missin' one toe. OH! I...
Backpack looked fashionable on Godzilla but King Kong hated its weight of .001 pounds
11. ...
12. What do you do to your enemies in life
forget about them
make them your friends
Do bad things to them
Love you enemies and your neighbors
Make them pay you every time they're mean
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