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Love doesn't always last. Something all of our parents tell us. But sometimes just sometimes it does. ANd this is the story of a girl who's life took an unsuspected turn for the worst.

SO This quiz will tell you the unforgetible story of a younge girl whos 14 named Leah Davis. Her life isn't as normal as everyone else's is. LEah has something in her.. That doesn't want her there and there's only two people that can help her. TAylor and Princeton.

Created by: Amywhite
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3. This is just the information on you. Black haired, Green eyed. 14 and your name is Leah.
Sounds cool
Okay Happy Halloween! (Note to taker this quiz was made on Halloween)
4. "Aww f---!" The sun burned my eyes. I stod up and turned on my phone. 19 missed calls! Most of them at 4 in the morning! ANd the names were just simple. 'Taylor' and 'Princeton' I don't even know anybody named Taylor OR Princeton!
This is getting creepy...
Hmm..Princeton sounds hawt!
Taylor Taylor Taylor!
5. The sound of Coldplay 'Viva la Vida' played in the kitchen. I practicaly flew down the stairs. My sisters boyfriend, Kaleb, was here. Great how awesome. J-Lynn, My sister, was kissing him and making out with him like crazy. He got to her nack and she turned and look toward me.
Umm....Princeton help..?
I bet Taylor would know what to do.
6. J-Lynn held Kaleb's head. "Stop!" she screamed at him "The f---er is here" Kaleb reminded me of his hate. I looked into the cuboard and got some kellogs cereal. I got a pink bowl with blue polkadots and pourd it the milk was poured by my mom, who still thinks im still a baby and that I can't pour milk for myself.
Princeton..When will we meet?
Taylor.. BAby I know we havent ment and that this is so sudden but i love you!
7. The day flew by. As I lay my head on my pillow I heard a rip. I fling my head up and look at the note 'MEET ME BY THE RIVER AT DAWN IN 2 DAYS MY LOVE, LOVE, P AND T'
OH MY GAWD!! TAYLOR ROTE ME A NOTE!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Umm sure Only for you Princeton
8. Thats it for today im srry it sucked i no but take my next one it will be better
9. Yerah i know you didn't meet Taylor or Princeton but you will in the third one becuase thats practually two days part too will be out in like 5 days or 3 i dont know yet nit depends on my scedual.
10. Umm.. Bla city..Take some of her quizzes
11. take some other of my quizzes!
12. Comment and rate and Happy Halloween!

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