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Strawberry01 said:
Aug 5 '16, 11:52AM

Wtf does justin bieber have to do with this

Donotdisturb said:
Dec 19 '13, 1:03AM

love this quiz

wajah manis said:
Jul 17 '13, 4:36AM

hmm.. I got 40% only. I though I know much about Islam. but seems I was wrong. So I must learn more about islam. :)

Ps3blaze22 said:
Jan 12 '12, 3:26AM

I got 80% pretty good i guess (i'm a muslim)

callmehuddy said:
Jan 2 '12, 9:10PM

im a with islam and i got 50%

dereknyc said:
Aug 28 '10, 7:47PM

as a muslim raised atheist it's a shame i got %30(i thought i knew better)

wilhan said:
Aug 14 '10, 11:36AM

i like this quiz

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