Is your child a digital learner?

A fun and light-hearted look at how your child learns! This quiz will help give you some insight into how "e" your child is? Is he or she an "iKid"? Are they traditional or media learners? What direction would you like them to go in?

We think a healthy balance or real-world and the virtual world is essential to our childrens' development. This quiz will hopefully help you focus on what you need to do as a parent to make sure you child has the best of both worlds!

Created by: Caitlin Kelch of heraldmailnie
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1. Does your child prefer hands-on activities?
2. Does your child enjoy play computer games?
3. After watching Liberty's Kids on PBS, does your child start telling friends and family about the redcoats and the Boston Tea party?
4. Does your child read an explanation of where Lewis and Clark travelled and look up with an expression that says "I don't get it"?
5. Is you child lost in his or her own world 15 seconds after you start reading about the Civil War?
6. Does you child prefer a quiet or highly stimulating environment?
Quiet environment
Highly stimulating environment
7. Is your child most likely to be found in a tree house or your home office?
Tree house
8. Does your child complain that the carrots you're having for dinner are not as "pretty" as the ones on tv?
9. Keyboard or ball?
10. Does your child intuitively know how to operate your iPod better than you do even though he or she has touched it only once or twice?

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