icarly trivia quiz

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pamela 1330 said:
Aug 7 '15, 1:27AM

I no the answers and they gave me 80% aww

Iloveanimals said:
Jul 30 '12, 5:12PM


mary678 said:
Aug 23 '11, 10:36PM

wth mine gav me 90 and freddie was the one who liked carly ever since 5th grade not nevel

Loverebeccah said:
Jan 21 '11, 2:18PM

im sure i got all the answers right but i got 90...so close
anyway, really cool quiz, pleeaaase make more
oh, and dont worry, this quiz is NOT horrible ;)

momo12 said:
Jan 20 '11, 9:40PM

horrible quiz. i got all the answers right and it gave be 90% this sux

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