I Bet You Can't Score Higher Than 60%

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Severus Carrie said:
Feb 12 '16, 5:57AM

OMG! I actually got 67%

Ha I beat your quiz
Its easy this was my first time so much for not getting 60%

User said:
Feb 11 '16, 1:30AM

0% *sniff* Lol this quiz is weird

Eat Potatoes said:
Feb 7 '16, 11:45AM

0% percent first try. 100% percent second try. Come on, what are the odds of that???

Darenoglialoro_ said:
Jan 23 '16, 6:11PM

I MADE A 67!

sheridan said:
Jan 13 '16, 6:18PM

first try: 100%. yay. ha ha.

august110 said:
Jan 10 '16, 6:18PM

100% on first try, ha ha!

burumargo said:
Dec 31 '15, 3:32PM

Under 18, Female, j, 5, Bed

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